March 5, 2011

Settled (?)

I officially have the internet again.  I've read a lot of books this past week.

Here's a piece of advice:  Make sure that the agent you are renting from actually knows what town the house is in.  Our lease says Wasilla.  It's Palmer.  So technically...that lease is null and void.  When I asked what town the house was in, she said she didn't know and told me to call the post office.  Seriously??  Has that ever happened to anyone???

So I've spent a lot of time at the Palmer Post Office in the last week or so.  Turns out our house here never actually had mail delivered to it before.  So now we have to rent a lock box down the street.

And then there was the time spent trying to get the internet for less than $5,595.00 a month.
You laugh at that, but if you live in Alaska you know what I'm talking about.  Phone/cable/internet companies will plunder and pillage in any way they can to make money.  They are ___ ___ A and ____ ____ I. 

Oh.  The wind.  I can't even describe it.  It has been nothing but solid gusts of wind since the day after we moved in.  I keep thinking that spring/summer has to be just around the corner, but when every day is the same (wind, wind, and more cold wind), I just can't actually visualize it. 

Okay, that's the complaining. 

Here's the good stuff.

We were lucky enough to have some great friends to help us move.  I think it was more work than they anticipated, but they still did it!  I'll be forever grateful to Linda, Don, Taylor, Zach, and Jori for helping us and not forcing us to move by ourselves (again) in Alaska. 

We have a GREAT house!  Twice the size, same price.  Hmmm...there's something to be said for windy "valley" living.

We honestly don't know what to do with all of the space and we feel like we really have room to "live" now.  It's awesome.

My drive to work is less than 20 minutes.  Without the crazy long commute, I didn't even have to stop at Starbucks and waste $5 just to stay awake.

More pictures to come soon!


  1. I'm channeling a few questions from your grandpap Zakutney... "How do you heat that place in below zero winter?" And... "Is it insulated?"


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