March 5, 2011

The couches

I picked out our couches at a furniture place in Philipsburg right before we moved to Alaska, and we've never had anything but problems when we try to move them.  Trying to squeeze through the doorway of Scott's house that was built in 1890.  Trying to squeeze them back out of that doorway.  Getting into the house in Eagle River.  Getting them out of the house in Eagle River (thankfully, I wasn't there for that one).  And then...getting them into this house.  They fit through the door alright.  Through the hallways of the house to the family room was a different story.  After some cursing of the architects (seriously, are they designing houses you can actually fit furniture in???), the couches made it to the family room.  Enjoy the photo montage. 

These guys came up with the idea of standing the couch up on one end. Something none of us have actually ever thought of before.
An impasse was reached.  Which way to go was the question..

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