June 15, 2024

Weekly recommendations, 6/14

1. Your Honor. Two seasons on Netflix. Such a good show! It starts slow and but then it all starts coming together and, sure, I see bits of Walter White coming out in Judge Michael Desiato. A perfect binge if you like thrillers. 

2. Wild Things by Stephen James and David Thomas. I have been pushed to the point of reading self-help books. Thomas is my go-to for parenting advice and I've read most of his books at this point. I searched him on Audible in a moment of actual desperation last week and this was "free", included in my membership. 

3. If you listen to The Lazy Genius, she did an episode on snacks last week, which was particularly fitting since it's summer and we are home all. day. long. I was wondering why I am at Walmart twice a week now instead of once a week (I hate it but it's the easiest one-stop shop), and it's because we are literally home all. day. long. No school breakfast or lunch or the hours in the classroom to break up the pattern.

But after listening to the episode, I am confident enough in my own children to know that I have either tried those tips before and they didn't work or they simply will not work. I gleaned nothing from an episode I was really hopeful about, sadly. 

THIS is the tip that works for me in this season of life. 

I buy individually wrapped snacks. 

I have tried a lot of snack options: Annie's...granola bars...fancy yogurts and applesauces...fruit leather...beef sticks...fancy crackers.

These are the only two things my kids will actually eat and the rest goes stale or Scott will eventually eat it:

The individual portions are a lifesaver because there's no bargaining. You get one a day. It's black and white. 
Anyway, that's the tip I'd have for The Lazy Genius community but it'd probably never be suggested because it's clearly the least environmentally-friendly option. 

They also love fruit. They make a fruit salad every day and we spend a lot of money on fruit each week. I suppose it could be worse. 


Grandpa Gus's Tick Repellent. We've used this for two years now and really like it. I just recommended it to a friend this week when I was asked about walking dogs and "what do you do about ticks?". Thought it was worth a mention! 


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