June 17, 2024

Summer Weekend #4

I dropped this LED tablet in a drainage ditch of muddy water on the way back to the car. RIP. 

I admit I skipped weekend #3 last week because it was a boring one. We went to t-ball. It was hot. Then it rained a lot. The end. 

Onto this past weekend:

Jett had his surgery on Thursday in Columbia and so he spent the night there. I didn't want to leave Scout at home alone again so I took him to t-ball. In the evening, there is zero shade at the field, so I allowed Scout to have the umbrella since he's got all that fur and all. 

Meanwhile, I brought Jett home in a cone on Friday afternoon. Tried a few variations of how to contain him. He's on "bed rest" for two weeks. Don't worry: This set-up ^^ didn't work at all.

Sutton's daycare teacher invited some of the kids in the class to her house to swim on Saturday. She actually got in the pool and enjoyed it. 

Wells helped Scott on the roof.

Decided that tying him to the table worked better.

ETA: Monday morning, he is like *barely* tolerating this treatment at this point. We're 4 days post-surgery and we're supposed to keep him like this for two weeks? Yeah, okay. Scott said he laid down in the yard and refused to come until Scott dropped the leash. Then he obstinately hopped up onto his usual chair and went to sleep. 
The bedrest component is because he has an 8 inch incision on his side and it will pull on his leg if he moves around too much. The incision itself seems to be healing fine and he's not bothered by it.

Wells found his camera and took pictures of everything all weekend. (This sums everything up right now.)

We went to the pool on Thursday too...I cannot think of a pool snack that is more pool snack-ish than Pringles. 

(We did burgers and ice cream sundaes for Father's Day but I forgot to take a picture. But we also watched the new episode of Mayor of Kingstown and I started rearranging bedroom furniture to create myself a playroom/toy room so that took up most of the day.)

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