June 13, 2024

Fashion Files: Instagram shopping

I do a lot of my clothes shopping from Instagram. I guess you could say I'm easily influenced but honestly the algorithm just knows me really well; I've had Facebook since 2005 and Instagram since 2011. 
I keep, basically, a full shopping cart at jcrewfactory.com and then I just wait for holiday sales. 

I've also had whole DM exchanges with Stitchfix over how you can see an outfit you like, but there's no way to actually buy it. Clicking "learn more" just leads you to signing up for a box (not always a bad thing!) but you can't get to the clothing item you originally wanted. There's no physical way to find it. So I have definitely contacted them asking what a particular piece is and where I can get it. 
(Do I ever follow up? No, I don't.)

All of this, I would definitely wear: 

^^This is the dress I wanted badly enough to contact them about. It retails for like $200 so that was a hard pass. 

I'm actually trying to not buy any work-related clothing this summer. I have until August to worry about that. 
I got myself a romper, and some graphic tees and I tried two pairs of Tevas and a pair of Reefs and disliked them all, so I'm just wearing last summer's sandals which are like a Teva/Madewell hybrid. Obviously they were so great that they don't exist anymore, so no link. 

Of course, most days, I wear pull-on shorts and t-shirts in the summer. Sometimes a tank. Summer dress-up clothes are the nicest of all the seasons but it's hard to care when you're on summer break and it's a million degrees out.

Do you shop on Instagram???

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