May 30, 2024

Update on the library of lost things

I was cleaning out a filing cabinet last week and I found the small stack of papers I lost at school. Obviously 3+ months after I needed them. It legitimately didn't matter at that point and it honestly is the thing on this list that affected me the least but it really just made me feel like i was going slightly insane. Purely inconvenient, you know? I am also that teacher who swears that every year, every semester, every quarter, every week that they're going to be more organized and it never actually happens. High hopes for August I guess. 

I have never found the black skirt.  I did actually buy it in topiary green when I came across a sale, but the worst part(!) is that I can't remember what size the original was so I was just kind of guessing and so I hoped for the best. Talk about double frustration. It does fit but I haven't worn it yet. I think it'll be better over tights in the late fall/winter know, which is why I was so desperately looking for the black skirt in the first place so I could wear it. 

I've definitely never found the Daniel Tiger toy. I'll probably come across it when Sutton is a teenager. Or at least as soon as she exits the Daniel Tiger phase (can we pray that's soon btw?). 

And I was looking for a piece of paperwork last week, regarding teaching, and that is probably buried in a box or tucked away somewhere or, more likely, thrown away but I don't know why I would throw it away but I also don't know why I wouldn't have it with the other paperwork. 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

I misplaced something else that will now drive me insane: I bought these name labels for Sutton last fall and I kept the sheet of extras in a drawer all year and then, at some point this spring, I cleaned out the drawer and, no doubt, put the labels somewhere "safe". 

I can't find them. 

Sutton doesn't exactly go to a big enough daycare operation where I even need to label everything but it's super frustrating to know I have these and I can't find them.

Anyway, as I move into the summer season of cleaning/purging/organizing, I thought an update was warranted on what's currently making me crazy. 

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