May 28, 2024

Summer wknd #1

I'm going to try to keep track of the weekends this summer, along with recommending some favorites on Fridays. Linking up today with Hello Monday! 

Anyway, it was a big one, technically. 

Scout turned 11, so he and Jett got to celebrate with salmon filets for dinner.

We marked 15 years of marriage, as our anniversary was on Sunday.

(if you had told me I'd be living and working in middle-of-nowhere MO, with a kid graduating from kindergarten, 15 years ago...I wouldn't have believed you. but I wouldn't have believed most things about army life back then :)

Wells graduated kindergarten. 

And Sutton "graduated" her first year of daycare. 

Scott also has gotten a brevet promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, as he's been in an LTC's position for the last year and will continue on with that for the next year.

Other than that, it was a bunch of days ending in 'y' so lots of thunderstorms and tornado watches and, honestly, if someone told me we had to leave Missouri tomorrow, I'd be out the door. 

I didn't sleep on Saturday night when it was raining because Scout the dog kept me up with his panting and rustling and pacing. Which ramps up my anxiety, which I swear he can also sense. 

Also, Sutton got a stomach bug and fever over the weekend which is so odd for her. I don't actually remember the last time they were sick. It's been a few months at least. 

This is the first week I haven't had the Sunday scaries for obvious reasons but we do have a few appointments and a (potentially still) sick toddler so I'm sure that'll make things go smoothly. 

This is the summer Wells has to learn how to ride a bike. I'm going to throw this scooter away if that's what it takes (only kind of kidding...).

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