May 31, 2024

Friday Recommendations, 5/31

1.  Little Poppy Co. This is the only place I buy bows. I get three a month through the subscription feature. It's fun and frivolous but Sutton needs bows so this is how I get them without having to think about it. I think it's $17 for 3. They are durable and we've never had an issue with one breaking or falling apart. I've bought bows elsewhere and they *have* come unraveled. I started this in October last year so I'll probably go til the end of summer so she has a year-long set of colors and variety. It also prevents me from impulse-buying trinkets like this in stores because I know we always have more coming. The girl math would say that it saves money.

2.  Gel nails. I didn't discover gel nails until last year. It costs like $10 more but if you're getting a pedicure just a few times a year, it's worth it because of the staying power. Like, it does not come all. The only downside is that you have to go back to get it removed. But I hate painting my toenails. It's the one beauty related task I outsource so it's worth it to me. I went yesterday to have my gel removed and re-applied...$29 isn't bad for something I will only do 3x a year or so. Maybe 4. It depends how often I can get away, you know? For me, it's not if I'm willing to pay to get them done, it's if I have the opportunity to go get them done. 

3. The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle 3.5 stars

I read this in a day or two. I really had trouble putting it down. If you've read Kimberly Belle before, her books all take place in Atlanta. Dear Wife was fantastic, The Marriage Lie was okay, and I DNF Stranger in the Lake

The Personal Assistant was very good for storyline in a lot of ways. I thought the main character was dumber than a box of rocks and the ending was very far-fetched. The two girls were insufferable. However, it kept me listening...I think it would make a good movie. 

The main character's ability to make absolutely everything about her was insane. Like, no wonder she was a social media influencer. The "villain" wasn't very smart, so that person was the only rival to the MC in terms of low intelligence. 

But still, I enjoyed it.

4. I've totally been disassociating with memes lately. This is awful but the Titanic thing (not the tragic deaths but come on...we were not MEANT to explore the bottom of the ocean) never ceases to make me do a double-take.

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