March 4, 2024

There's a direct correspondence..

..between Sutton sleeping and how much I blog. Last week she didn't sleep. Last week I didn't blog. I actually brought this up at my Bible study last night (the sleeping, not the blogging) and they added it to the prayer list. Last night she slept. I think there's a direct correspondence there too. 

Today is supposed to be Prime Purchases but I'm going to try and do that tomorrow. Here's a few things:

1. Twice last week I attempted to get dressed for school. The first day, my dress had a giant hole in the front. It's one of my favorites too from CJLA, which stings. I don't think it can be fixed.

Then, I went to put on my romper/jumpsuit thing and the strap broke. I was disappointed because I rely on it at least once or twice a month for school and then I really don't think I had gotten my $27 out of it yet (similar). I took it to the resident tailor and he fixed it in 15 minutes with a needle and thread. 

2. I went to buy myself a treat for making it through this week and the thing I wanted was out of stock. Which tracks for how the week went. 

3. Does anyone have a Pura? I've been influenced but haven't bought it yet. 

4. I was putting my calendar together for March and noticed this.

I really appreciate the way this manufacturer just went for it, with a product that's meant to be displayed in elementary schools. I mean, why not?

I could not make it any clearer but it does say tequila

5. I'm making it a point to get out for a walk every weekend. A low bar, but in this season of life (i.e. the next 3 months) it's what's doable. 

Because there's also a direct correspondence between vitamin D and how we feel. I don't like warm days at this point in the year because there's way too many of those to come but the sunshine is necessary. 

7. Lastly, if I buy frozen pizza, all we will eat is frozen pizza. 

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