February 26, 2024

My current Roman empire.

Let's be clear: my Roman Empire is not the Roman Empire. There's lots of historical eras and events I could go on and on about, but that's not the point of this post. 

I suppose TRE could be something you think about more often that you do other things.

I bought this skirt in December in Pennsylvania.

I brought it back to Missouri with me. 

I unpacked it. 

I put it in a drawer. I may have put it in the closet. But then I decided the dresser was a better spot for it. 

And I haven't seen it since.

I am beyond frustrated. 

I bring it up to Scott at least twice a week. 

I have ripped the closet apart.

I have taken out dresser drawers, thinking it got wedged into that abyss where only socks go. 

I took apart Scott's dresser. 

I looked through the baskets of black PT clothing because that's all black and I thought maybe it got mixed up in there.

I went through Wells' dresser. Just in case. 

I drug out the suitcase I took to PA, in case I accidentally left it in there. Even though I knew I put it in that dresser. 

I am not Catholic and do not believe in saints but you better believe I start talking to St. Anthony when things like this happen. Someone taught me the St. Anthony prayer once and I've never forgotten it. (Usually it's me asking for some interceding on behalf of Scott and something he can't find.)

Last week, I lost a paper at work too. Like, an important one. I had it when I walked into my room. It got lost or mismatched with the wrong pile of papers (I had a lot of papers scattered about on this day) and I spent the entire afternoon looking for it. I am looking forward to seeing where I put it when I eventually come across it again. I did check the trash. It's in that room somewhere. 

In addition:

We own this Daniel Tiger toy. We own it. I have no idea where it went. It is on our Missouri property, house or barn. We own it. It came here with us from Kansas. 

I have no idea where it is.

I have looked. In the barn loft. In the tubs of toys I hide from Wells.

In the closets. 

I cannot find it.

I will not buy another one. I won't. You see, we got the trolley for free and then my parents bought the figurines. 

Iwillnotbuyitagain no matter how much Sutton loves Daniel Tiger.

I won't.

Back to the skirt:

I am thisclose to buying it again in a different color (just in case it reappears). 

To further my annoyance, I got it in a Christmas sale of sorts and it was like $25, instead of $45. 

I am out of places to look so I will, I think, just start checking and rechecking again at this point. 

To recap: if you see a black skirt, a class roster with information on it, or a Daniel Tiger trolley toy, let me know. 

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