March 11, 2024

Currently in March

A week late but listen: every time I go to write a blog post or I tell myself I'm going to write a blog post, someone is up all night or someone throws up. 

And then the blog post doesn't get written because laundry, carpet cleaning, and substitute plans take precedent. I cannot lie: someone randomly threw up last week but this child didn't look or seem or feel sick. We went to school anyway. I thought about how the day would look with a sub. I realized it. could. not. be. done. It simply could not. I am not irreplaceable at work and I would've enjoyed a day of working on things at home, do not get me wrong. But ... Luckily, said child was fine after all. If I didn't negotiate the rules, there would be no forward progress. 

Loving: I'm really loving my yearly rewatch of Better Call Saul. It's just so good. I cannot imagine a better-written fictional universe than the Breaking Bad one. 

Looking forward to: Spring break. One week will not be enough. I have so much I'd love to do, but we mostly just have doctor appointments and tasks to complete that week. 

Planning: Sutton's birthday next week. I'm glad it falls on spring break. I really just need to get the balloons and bake the cake. Luckily, she's too young to know the difference. (Wells, on the other hand, has all kinds of plans for birthday #6 this summer.)

Wearing: I basically hate most of my clothes right now and, no, I still haven't found that skirt. I've stopped taking outfit pictures because I don't care. I also have noticed some serious "shoe holes" in my wardrobe and I can't find what I want. I have bought and returned like 6 pairs of shoes in the last 3 months. I wanted Chelsea boots (waterproof ones), white sneakers, and black booties. I've found, I guess, black ankle boots, but I don't know that I love them. I do wear them though. My issue is that I've worn my tan booties to death and they're not gonna make it another school year so I need to get a new pair. I also like Tevas but I don't like the Tevas tag all front and center like a Colorado hippie. I saw some Reef sandals too but I don't know. It's really hard when there's nowhere to go to actually try on shoes either. 

I've grabbed a few major sale items from Old Navy and Gap recently just to give me some athleisure options for spring. 

Eating: I'm knee-deep in sourdough. Any time I'm like, hey, I'll sit down and waste time online on the weekends, I usually have to go prep a loaf or feed a starter or do the dishes from the last batch or something. It's a process. It's not nearly as easy as you'd think but not as difficult either. 
I'm sure that made sense. This is the recipe I use and then I usually get the best results in a loaf pan

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