March 13, 2024

Easter Basket Round-up + 2 things I don't like buying.

I was little caught off guard by the fact that Easter is two weeks after Sutton's birthday this year. I realized I needed to have my act together more than usual. I am still used to Wells and his mid-July nothing-going-on-here birthday. 

However, there are few things I dislike more than clutter and trinkets so I didn't go All Out on the Easter baskets but I probably went more all out than normal (I'll refrain from saying "overboard") because I really wanted them to have useful things they'll love and things they'll need. You know, nstead of a bunch of goodies with a one-week shelf life from a dollar spot section (which is exactly what Wells would probably prefer :). 

If you need a kick in the pants to get started on your Easter baskets, you've got three weeks. 

For a 5 year old boy:

The Pokemon lego set was on sale for $10 last week which was the only reason why I got it. He's been asking for this one. 

For a 2 year old girl:

I'm trying to get away from plastic (which means I also need to get rid of the take and toss cups) but these Thermos brand bottles are the best one I've found for kids. Wells has two. 

It was determined that I needed something stuffed for the baskets and my parents sent this in a box of goodies yesterday, saving the day. 

You see, I saw on a blog that Five Below had some great deals on Easter Squishmellows and were much cheaper than Amazon. I googled "nearest Five Below" and was met with resignation and disappointment. I had to zoom out just to see the locations. 

I checked Amazon and they were anywhere from $12-30. I was thinking I'd be willing to pay like $6 or something. 

Also, I have trouble with the idea of intentionally buying stuffed animals because we have so many. 

Wells really wants Candyland, so I got that for them to share. I think he has played it at school. They are doing more cooperative play these days at home so here we are. Connect 4 kept them busy all weekend. Board games are something else I don't like buying because they take up storage space and require maintenance (putting them back together correctly). Like, these Connect 4 pieces ultimately ended up being thrown and flicked off the table, stacked into towers, and carried around in a play shopping cart. I had to count them to put them away. 

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