February 3, 2024

(I guess) Saturday things, 2/3

1. Do you remember this? 

2. I bought a few things online recently:

This is the best shampoo and conditioner. It's basically Biolage repackaged and sold not at a huge markup. And I'm always looking for a new purple shampoo.This one had good reviews and I really like it. My hair was looking incredibly brassy these last few weeks. This took that right out of it.

In an effort to make life easier, I ordered a giant box of kcups and these beef sticks I can't get anywhere else. My kids hate flavored applesauce and, for some reason, we had a bunch of flavored applesauce in the cupboard. I sent it into Wells' classroom and bought this instead. 

3. I did take outfit photos this week as I was walking in the door each afternoon and you can see the boxes of Christmas decorations adorning the backdrop. Also, crying children and dogs.

This a scuba material circle cardigan. I got it at TJ Maxx but if this is the same material as the LLL hoodies people used to buy, I see the appeal. I would like a scuba hoodie but that's a definite splurge.

Sweater is JCrew. It's part cashmere and I didn't pay attention and put it in the washer so it kind of lost it's shape :/ 
Dress is from Stitchfix awhile back. The neckline is kind of low for work so I always put something over it. 

I'm laughing here because I'm on the phone with my friend. Sweater and long flowy tank underneath are both Merona brand from Target, 4 years old and 9(!) years old, respectively. 

Scuba cardigan again. And t-shirt dress is JCrew factory, I think. It's 2+ years old but I was pregnant when I bought it so I didn't get to wear it much outside of this school year. 

4. I did post What's up Wednesday and I've got to get blog posts ready for next week. I'm attempting three posts a week in this season of life and I was caught off guard by how exhausting the first 5 day week since mid-December would be. 


I spent an hour on the phone with the health insurance company the other day. Still not resolved. I had been putting it off since November.

I told the kids "the vibe was off" the other day when they were acting terribly and weren't allowed to have partners. They nodded in agreement.

I believe ACV is a scam.

An oldie but goodie.

Why these blog posts don't happen on time ^^^

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