February 9, 2024

Currently in February.

If it's any indication of how things are going, I've missed two of my favorite link-ups this week and I haven't even seen this week's episode of The Bachelor in its entirety. 


I am truly loving how Wells and Sutton play together. Wells never needed a buddy around because he can amuse himself, but seeing them interact makes this mess worth it. Kind of. 

Looking forward to: 

I made the hard and fast decision that we are not doing summer school this year. Last year, I sent Wells in June because I wanted him to get used to new people, a new building, and the idea of kindergarten before we actually started school. This year, no. I actually signed up to teach summer school and then realized I was dreading it and dreading the possibility that we'd be tied down to school. And also dreading not having a full summer. After deciding we were going to not do it, I felt a huge sense of relief. There's other logistical factors too: locking down alternative childcare for Sutton, Wells having to go on field trips without me, having to get up early every day and basically extend the school year. 

I'm going to do a dry run of "homeschool" each day in the summer. Wish me luck. 

Doing to be romantic:

Do you remember how I tried so hard to find a dress for the engineer ball last year? Still have some PTSD from that experience. Another ball is coming up in April so I figured I'd start early, one dress at a time. I've pushed the limit with midi-dresses and tea length, always, because I prefer them. But this is the *regimental ball* so I gotta go with the full-length. 

This fits "romantic" because being prepared in advance for something I'm supposed to be doing as a military wife is an attractive quality LOL. 

I have decided I'm not shopping from site after site this year (truly, it was a frustrating experience). I learned to use Nordstrom as my go-to way back when I lived in Alaska because it was free shipping and free returns (the locals recommended it to me!) so that's where I go when I'm looking for anything specific now. I'll keep you updated. 


I feel like I'm always trying to perfect a routine. It's exhausting. That being said, I'm changing the way I do things each morning. Some mornings, I do dishes. Some, I fold laundry. Some, I blog. Some, I might take care of a last minute task for school. Some, I do pilates. Basically I have one hour (5am-6am*) and I have to use it wisely. 

*it's a cruel time of day. I prefer to sleep til 8am, always. 


I realized we go from Christmas, to my birthday in January, to Valentine's Day, to Sutton's birthday, to Easter REAL quick. There's never a month off. I just got done putting away the Christmas toys and treats and decorations and now I'm buying Valentine's Day things. 

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