November 27, 2023

thanksgiving week recap.

ICYMI: I posted a gift round-up on Friday (?) night (all the days are blending together). It's unfortunate that I ended up with a bug and was just sick enough to not enjoy most of my week off, and spent the day of Thanksgiving mostly in bed. 

unfluffed, undecorated tree

went to the rheumatologist on monday. nothing better, nothing worse. told me to take a baby aspirin each day and it is better in cold weather than hot so glad it's winter now I guess

re-listened to the maura murray episodes. so good!

they get this tree to do whatever they want with. and it definitely looks like wells decided to do whatever he wanted with it.

i took them out to eat by myself and it wasn't a complete disaster. normally, i would Never. but we were 45-ish minutes from home and it was 1pm and i was on borrowed time.

library system complaints: i went into the library with a list of children's books and authors. the "system" is organized in this functional way. "favorites"? whose favorites?

my first attempt at Scott's birthday cake was a disaster and irreparable. 

using a water marker/brush thing to seal Christmas cards.

changing her puppy's diaper

all you really need for Black Friday is a Costco card, a credit card, and a computer

it took me 14 years to find a christmas tree topper i actually like/want/am excited about and i stumbled onto this bow at hobby lobby last week. it was $4. 
i could write a christmas tree saga, since our tree situation has been different each year.

more library complaints. Look At These Wait Times:

5 year olds are amazing. he sat at the kids' table and ate and played and i barely saw him for 3 hours. 

meanwhile, i offered her bites of each thanksgiving food and i got a decisive "no no no!" for each attempt. she sucked the frosting off a pumpkin bar though and ate half an applesauce pouch. that was it. she wouldn't *eat* the pumpkin bar and she wouldn't take crackers or bread or milk. 
wells went through a phase where he wasn't super interested in food but never was he actually picky/refusing food. 

i saw this and it made me chuckle. 128 DOLLARS for american eagle jeans. you could probably find some vinatage 2005 ones at plato's closet near a college campus instead. 

i did a lot of black friday shopping from my computer and i'm basically finished. i grabbed myself a few things, which just makes sense. i've decided i don't need a new bag right now. i've been trying to find one but i'm in this weird place of diaper bag/no diaper bag/purse doesn't make sense, and i spent 90% of my time on the couch on thursday wondering if i needed a belt bag because maybe there's something to that trend after all. (i could blame that thought on all the medicine i took, maybe.)

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