December 1, 2023

Friday things. 12/1


1. Anyone else feel like the water level is just rising at this point? One of the many Extra Tasks I had to complete this week was helping Wells disguise a gingerbread man. Literally ordered cotton balls from Amazon because I didn't trust myself to remember them at the grocery store. 

Just when I thought I had it All Together, notes came home about needing Christmas party treats for both kids and then Wells needs a stocking and "stuffers" for every kid in his class (instead of a gift exchange). Which means: He will come home with 19 stocking stuffers of his own to enjoy. 

And, if Halloween at school was any indicator, so will Sutton.  

And I've been interrogated by my child on why he "doesn't have a sock hanging up in school" yet. 

Because I need to buy a cheap stocking somewhere and it's not the weekend and we don't go anywhere for any reason after 4pm on a weekday, Wells. 

2. Christmas movie recommendations: I like the movies on Netflix. They're always funny. I'm not the Hallmark movie type right now. The Holidate is a bit crass but it was good enough and funny. Love Hard is really good. I watched it last year and enjoyed it enough to watch again this year. And then Ex Mas with Leighton Meester is new this year and on Amazon. Also good enough. 

3. These books are ones I'm using in the classroom this month. I cannot recommend them enough. They are the sweetest Christmas stories: The Perfect Christmas Tree, The Carpenter's Gift, The Legend of Old Befana. I'm having trouble not buying all the books right now. I'm justifying this by saying I will use them again next year and they are also for Wells and Sutton. I found an amazing curriculum that pairs a quality book each week but the downside is that I have to source the book. 

4. The thing that brings me maybe the most joy right now is football. It's the weirdest thing. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. I look forward to all the professional and college games I can find on TV. Does anyone else just have football on TV constantly? I've mentioned before that I think I fall into an actual depression in February when the season is over. 

5. My mom got me this bag that I asked for and she's worried it's "too big". What I'm looking for is something to replace my Ikea bag situation so, no, I don't think the camo LL Bean bag will be too big. 

You can tell I've completely given up. I have so much *bleep* to carry every day that this is the only graceful way to do it. 


It's the exclamation point that gets me here

My mom is doing Santa for Wells and Sutton this year. Any gifts here are from us. Makes it easier when I don't have to hide wrapping paper. 

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