October 2, 2023

Amazon lately.

95 degrees on October 1st means dead flowers and burnt orange crushed velvet bows. I really wanted to buy mums this weekend but they'll just die so...maybe next week.

Puzzle organizer bags. This is a bargain and they are super sturdy for the price. I put Wells' puzzles into bags and I still have lots of bags left over so I will come up with a use for them all, I'm sure. 

Dog beds After Jett was having trouble jumping up onto his normal furniture spots with his ailment a few weeks ago, Scott ordered new dog beds. We've tried different ones in the past and they've de-stuffed them all within a day or two. These are more mattress-like so they can't be de-stuffed, and they're not total eyesores. Both dogs like them too. 

Black Mary Janes. I have tried to order Sutton dress shoes from Amazon before and they never quite fit her right or fit my expectations at all. These are different. They are fantastic. Slightly soft-soled. I got them for her Halloween costume but they'll serve for day-to-day purposes. Bookmarking this brand for the future! She does have smaller-for-her age feet but I ordered the 12-18 month size and they fit perfectly. She wears a size 5 in Stride Rite, for comparison. 

Pine nuts. I love to have a bag of pine nuts in the cupboard or freezer to toast up and add to pasta dishes. Usually I buy them at Walmart but the last time they tried to ship them to me for $6 in shipping costs and there's no way. Walmart+ isn't something I'm interested in so I can't really buy from Walmart online anymore. Anyway, pine nuts. This pasta salad is good and so is this bowtie pasta

Sutton's costume for Halloween. It's just the trimmings for a black cat. I'm a sucker for traditional Halloween costumes. Wells has been a ghost for two years now and that costume is finally too small but not small enough for Sutton to wear. I tried to order a ninja costume for Wells as well (you know, knock out these things early in the season) and it was canceled and "undeliverable" so I guess we'll see what happens with finding him a new one. He really (really, really) wants to be a ninja so I guess that's better than a Pokemon character. 

Nylon purse organizer. I like that this isn't felt because I had a felt organizer at one point and didn't love it. This also is smaller than it appears so size up if you have a tote. 

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