July 17, 2023

Summertime airing of grievances.

This is Jett with the dachshund we're dogsitting this summer. 
It was 101 degrees on this day and I was thinking what is wrong with them? but whatever

+We had a stray dog hanging around outside. He was very nice. Some sort of fluffy lab-ish mix. Clearly had been on his own forever. Which means he was dumped. Which means the people who dumped him should probably just be run over with their own car. People who dump animals are the worst kind of people. 

Neighbors mentioned him in the neighborhood facebook page and someone said the stray was having problems with *his* dog so the stray needed to go away. No, neighbor. Your dog is just hard to get along with generally because he has problems with every dog. No need to blame an unhoused dog for your dog's poor temperament. 

Obviously, we fed this stray multiple times and left out water. I called the shelter and they said they couldn't take him because they already had 12 dogs and that's their limit.  I offered a large donation. Apparently they don't accept bribes because they still wouldn't take him. I haven't seen him again so I'm hoping he found a place to go. 

+Walking into the locker room at the pool in bare feet. It is the literal equivalent of a port-a-potty. But moister. The number of women who walk into the bathrooms at the public pool barefoot, and allow their children to do the same, baffle me. 

+I may have mentioned this before: when people use "that" instead of "who" when referring to people in writing. An example: I saw the Formula Mom post [Thankful for] family members that are doctors that don't mind me peppering them with medical questions via text.

Who. Doctors and family members are both people. Not things.

This drives me insane because it's the grammatical issue that is easiest to spot AND easiest to fix, in my opinion.

+ Finding a table of contents when you click on a recipe and are taken to a food blog. This baked spaghetti looked good. This is what I was met with when I went to the site:

+Sometimes I think that people who post on Facebook stories don't understand Instagram. It would never occur to me to post on a Facebook story. Ever. 

+ This. It's from the info about soccer this past spring. Have I shared this? It's real. How can this be real? 

(I may have shared that one already.)

Happy mid-July, almost August, almost #fall!

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