July 13, 2023

}Currently} (a week late) in July

Actually a week and a day late at this point but who's even counting? We've had family in town plus a birthday plus some projects going on. I find it really hard to blog through all that. You can follow me on Instagram if you want more of a day to day but I have taken a step back on there too. The reason my blog flourished so much in the past is because I spent so much time alone, I think.  

So linking up for Currently...


I posted this on IG stories and loved the reactions and comments I got. I cannot believe $78 is the going price for a bougie water container that leaks, just because it's in a fun new color. 

I mean, I guess you can pay it off in 4 installments instead.


I love a good birthday cake. I don't like heavy chocolate so I alternated layers but the chocolate layer tastes better after it sits. The vanilla dried out a bit. I recommend non-butter recipes for cakes for this reason. 


Wells turned 5 on Monday so I feel like it was a continuous weekend of celebration. We did Miner Mike's on Saturday night, cake and presents on Sunday, lunch and the pool on Monday, and then Bass Pro on Tuesday. 


Wells wanted his picture taken with a rattlesnake and then asked if it was alive. It wasn't because obviously I'd have shot on sight if it was. He's still not aware that I shot, killed, and buried 9 rattlesnakes in Colorado. Before his time. 


To sell some bags! I mentioned this on IG stories but did not go as far as to post on Facebook :)

I have two Longchamps I don't use. I know, excess is the American way...I really don't use them though and don't *love* them the way I want to. 

Navy with red trim and silver hardware. It's about 4 years old. Extremely gently used. Honestly these things last forever so it's really just wrinkled. $75. It's the large size so it retails for $150ish.

And then this taupe color (I forget what the color actually was called? I think I wanted olive and they don't really make olive anymore :( ). It's the medium size. $75. Retails for $140-150. Very gentled used. Again, just wrinkled from being packed away!

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