July 19, 2023

Did I tell you I'm not shopping at Target anymore?

I know. Virtue signal, virtue signal, boycott, boycott. It's tiring at this point. That's why I don't think I've brought it up here: there's no point. For me, it was time to just stop shopping at Target.

I'll outline my reasons here but I'm not even looking to try to convince you to do the same. I'm simply making you aware of what has been happening. 

It never occurred to me that people just didn't know what was going on. I live for the news cycle. I always have watched the news, listened to the news, read the news daily. It's a habit I picked up very young. I always, for some reason, make the assumption that other people do the same? 

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who told me she had gotten a bunch of school stuff at Target and I should go too because they were having a huge sale. I had to explain to her that I wasn't buying things there anymore. She was genuinely surprised and curious. I told her my basic convictions over it as succinctly as I could...

"Well, they do pay to cover employees' out of state abortions (instead of paying for maternity leaves because maternity leave does not help their bottom line the way abortion does). 

They are selling gay pride and pro-transgender clothing for children. It's not just some pride gear here or there. It's onesies and bibs for babies. GLSEN, the group sponsoring and designing the displays this year, has a particular focus on "trans kids" in schools. It's like professional development for k-12 educators. They recommend books about transitioning to the opposite gender for elementary-aged kids. 

In addition to the tuck-friendly suits that may or may not have been sized for children, the backlash that Target faced in the form of violence and threats was actually from the LGBTQ activists over the idea that any displays may be moved or taken down. That link up there also mentions that some of the gear for Target this year was designed by a satanist; even if the particular satanic designs weren't featured for the pride month collection, that was the catalog and backlog of this particular man's work.

Anyway, my friend was horrified when I told her these things. She had no idea. She was just hitting up the Target five minutes from her house for all the things she usually buys. I think we are going on autopilot most days when it comes to shopping and fulfilling needs and wants through consumerism. We just don't realize what's in front of us. 

My point here isn't to really convince you of anything but to just tell you. I'm not trying to enforce my agenda or even tell you you're wrong. I just want you to know in case you don't already. 

When I've seen influencers and bloggers posting their Target hauls lately, I used to kind of think wow, they don't care. After talking to a few in-real-life friends, I realized they probably just don't know. We're all busy, we're all living life and doing the best we can, and my Target orders used to be fun boxes to get in the mail. Luckily, for me, I live 45 minutes from the nearest store :) Plus, the clothes this summer are not cute. It hasn't been very tempting. 

I could link you to some podcast episodes or some other resources if you want to know more but I figured this was worth mentioning (and worth outing myself basically as one of those Target-boycotters) because I want everyone, everywhere, to have all of the information. *insert giant shrug here*

All that to say: This is from last year and the year before. It's a shame because their clothes used to be pretty reliable. 

Shorts and shoes are Universal Thread. Pullover is Knox Rose. 
Again, *insert giant shrug here*.

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