June 26, 2023

Wells does summer school

Kindergarten had an ocean theme at summer school. 

I actually laughed when I thought about Wells going to summer school. No way. He doesn't have to be in school for an extra month. He will only have a month and a half left of summer. Totally unnecessary. 

Then I thought about it...

He needed to get used to a new building. 
It'd be nice if he became familiar with the teachers. 
He might *gasp* learn something.*

Then Scott said What's the worst that could happen? He could make a friend. 

Then I thought about how all the kids around here already know each other. I don't want him to be the odd man out on day one of kindergarten. It'd be nice if he had some friendships in place. 

Then Scott said What else is he going to do? Watch tv all day?

That settled it. Wells was going to summer school. 

Every morning for the last 4ish weeks I dropped him off at 7:30am and picked him up at 3:30pm. He got used to a whole new group of kids, a new set of teachers, he ate breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, and he got to know the lay of the land in our new school. He's spent more time there than me so far! 

When I think about it, it was completely intentional on my part, sending him to summer school; I'm trying to make life easier in the fall, not harder. If he's already comfortable there, I won't have to worry about him adjusting to kindergarten. 

This is not a big school but it has lots of big kids, so it's not like his preschool experience (for me, anyway). I walked in with him on the first day, but otherwise I just dropped him off in the car line and picked him up in the car line. There's no signing in, signing out. I don't get pictures posted on Facebook in a special group about what the kids did that day. Truthfully, I have no idea how parents just...drop their kids off at school, having no idea what's going on on the inside of the building. It's crazy to me. 

Scott told me to put him on the bus but that was a little too wild of an idea for me. The bus. Imagine. 

There have been a few pool trips where I talked to a lot of the teachers and got to know some of the kids. We even went to a birthday party last week. I can tell that these teachers love teaching.  (Um, it also doesn't hurt that I was in the building several weeks ago and talked to the summer school kindergarten teacher for a bit...I'm that mom already.) It's also a small enough school that every child is known by name, so I'm sure every teacher knows who this little extrovert is at this point. 

*I am actually a HUGE proponent of year-round schooling. No one in the world needs 3 months in a row off of school/work. You lose so much learning. Two-week breaks spaced throughout the year would be much more effective for everyone.

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