June 23, 2023

Friday things 6/23

Lord, we made it past the summer equinox. I love when the days start getting shorter. 

Wells has a chore chart. When he finishes a chart, he gets to pick a "present" , which is a selection of $3 summery toys. 

The last time I was in Mardel's, I was 10 weeks pregnant with her. This week, she kept running away from me and laughing. 

This book is VERY good. Highly recommend. It's free if you have Audible plus. 

Waiting at the cell phone lot (i.e. Hell with a toddler). She honked the horn and the man next to us laughed. 

I wanted something more stylish ("stylish") than a sneaker but still good for walking. I don't run and don't do high intensity gym workouts. These are great. 

Ordered some birthday supplies.

I've been doing a lot of this lately. And BLTs. Before a month ago, I don't think I'd had a BLT in almost two years. I ate a lot when I was first pregnant with Sutton because nothing else tasted good. Then I couldn't even stand to look at one for the longest time. 

I need to make more pizza dough this weekend. I didn't think this looked like anything special but Scott said it was the best crust I'd ever made. 

In an effort to keep Sutton busy, I filled a big bowl with water and gave her some wooden spoons. Look who ended up playing with it and look who ended up clinging to me and yelling for attention. I have this sink in my Amazon cart. I'm worried it'll just be a fun toy for Wells instead.

TWELVE DOLLARS. It was final sale so I think it's gone now. 

Less than $20. These dresses, seriously, last forever. 

I rarely listen to news podcasts like this but this episode was so good. It's a necessary listen for any parent of young children.

I got this backpack for Wells for his birthday. The zippers look brown here but they're actually bright orange. I considered him using his backpack that's been through 2 years of preschool + summer school but it's getting some serious wear and tear on the bottom. This one isn't as big as his current one, but I checked and it fits folders and whatever. I suppose kindergarten calls for a new backpack. Because I'm being all extra about things, I got this because I love the Herschel brand. (I had a tote once and sold it because it wasn't big enough for school. Maybe I'll look for another? Oh my gosh, this is perfect and only $40. I have a serious bag-buying problem.)

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