July 1, 2023

Friday things, 6/30

It's been one million degrees for the last few days and I don't function well in extreme heat or extreme cold. So there's been a lapse here. 

The only food court these kids will know is the PX. That's an army kid problem, right?

So I ordered this tote from Herschel and it's adorable but it's not big OR sturdy enough for my purposes. I sent it back. I'm opting for store credit and going to get this one instead

I've been working on a lot of school things recently. It keeps my brain working and prevents me from wanting to take an afternoon nap (I hate naps so much but sometimes I just get tired from the toddler and all).

My mom sent these Bentgo boxes for them and they are so helpful.

I mentioned this bag awhile back. It's the perfect amount of slouch vs. structure. This is just a great brand, overall. I love the front zip pockets so I never lose my keys. 

The Bachelorette is back. I admit, I haven't watched yet. 
One of these podcasts is not like the others right?

That's right: Three are absolute worldly trash and one yokes itself to Beth Moore and Jennie Allen and gives a platform to female "pastors". TDG is not doctrinally sound, as it claims to be.  Not sure which one is worse...at least I know the Bachelor stuff is trash and it isn't masquerading as something else. I'm starting to think The Daily Grace Co is actually dangerous to Christians.

Swimming. The key to getting her in a pool is having Scott on the deck so he can take her every 4 minutes when she tires of the water. Then she can get back in 4 minutes after that. I love this rash guard. 

Jett was laying in the exact spot I needed to be in order to get a good angle on this dress

I wasn't going to ask him to move. 
(again, the color is Flower Trail, but I can't find it on the site?)

Upset that they made everyone get out of the pool for a break. 
This swim vest has been a literal lifesaver for me. He is so much more willing and independent with it on. Like, he'll actually go in the water now. 

Speaking of swimming: I saw the woman who screwed up our swim lessons this past winter/spring advertising her services in a local moms' group on Facebook. And the moms were all like "PMing you!" and they're just gonna be the next victims here. What a waste of time that was. Only, since she's offering them privately, the St. Robert Parks and Rec Dept won't be a failsafe to offer a refund (they did give me my $25 back!).

I was taking dogs for hikes before it got unbearably hot out this past week. 

Lastly, a purchase I'm happy with but...

I almost cried when I saw how small this tube was for the $18 price tag. However, it's effective. It works. It doesn't feel or smell like sunscreen. I only wear sunscreen when I'm outside intentionally (walking, at the pool, whatever) so it'll last all summer. I do think I might try the glowscreen version next if I run out of this. I also use Thinkbaby and Blue Lizard on my actual face without breaking out, so I recommend those the most, overall. 

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