April 28, 2023

Friday things. 4/28


If you live in a place that has Casey's stores, you have to try these. 

2. I spent the last 24 hours thinking I was getting a case of pink eye/conjunctivitis. Now I think it's just allergies. I am rotating all kinds of different drops and there's a layer of yellow pollen on my car. So. It's probably allergies. We are all at varying degrees of sickness this week for some reason. 

3. I am exhausted by the very thought of getting Wells to preschool every morning. Three more weeks of this. Some days Scott takes him. Some days I take him. I make my plans for the next day around 9pm the night before. It's kind of an exhausting way to live because preschool is 10 miles away and he's only there for 3 hours. I cannot wait until he's going to school closer to home (spoiler alert: plans for next year have been cemented)

I came across a Twitter account called "Kim Wexler's ponytail" and it was the best name for anything I've ever seen.


If you read my plight about food the other day, just know that I tried this Greek bowl method and it's really great. Like, you should try it if you haven't already. I am thinking what I need is just a 14-day recipe rotation for dinners. This would make the list. 

5. I haven't posted memes in quite a while. That's basically because I haven't been looking for any. 

I think I shared this one already but the sheer superiority, right? 

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