May 1, 2023

Amazon lately...

Lemongrass essential oil (for the diffuser). Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents. It smells like iced tea to me. 

Sanuk yoga mat flip-flops. I got these because my other ones are officially 6 years old this year and it's time to retire them. I got the blue ones because they were the cheapest of the colors at $23 the other day. 

Baby sun hat.  It's very cute and seems high-quality. She absolutely hates it though. She'll keep a winter hat or a headband on just fine. Her line is drawn at the sun hat.  I got the 12-24 months and she's 13 months so it's very TTS. 

Sunblock. Thinkbaby and Blue Lizard. I love Blue Lizard so I'm trying the spray this year (I 100% prefer a spray) and this is my first year buying Thinkbaby. It's a really good idea to do research when you're buying sunscreen, especially for kids. There's some really harmful ingredients out there that we should probably not be slathering on skin. (Also, I am still up in the air about how necessary it is to slather on sunscreen anyway?)

This month, I got a few books too...

I went through a major Denise Grover Swank phase back in 2016-2018. Since then, I still get her biweekly emails. Her new book looks good. I haven't read one of hers in awhile, but if you like romance/mystery (not really "thriller", more mystery), she's worth a try. This is a pre-order of her new book. 

M is for Mama. I got this on a whim, which is something I rarely do with books. I have read a bit of it but not the whole thing yet. I like her but I actually disagree with her in several regards? I don't know. It's hard to explain! Clearly I need to read the whole book and formulate my thoughts. 

Mama Bear Apologetics. Also an impulse buy. I got this specifically because I joined a local book study and this is the book. I've already read it via Audible (maybe two years ago?) but I thought the book would be helpful to actually take notes and take to the group with me. 

Linking up with Tanya for Prime Purchases! 

*In other news, since I forgot to promote myself last week, I started a Substack. Here's the first post and you can subscribe there, if you'd like. It's basically just deeper and more topical thoughts. I explained the why of it in the first post. I plan on posting once a week. 

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