April 26, 2023

WUW - - April 2023

I can't believe it's the end of April. Some days it feels like June, mentality and weather-wise, and some days it's like the beginning of March. I have no idea anymore. 


(see: Dreading)

Reminiscing. Baby days. 

Exactly a year ago:

Exactly 4 years ago:

Guess who doesn't miss the unfinished wood floors in that Pittsburgh house? Me. 


They are playing together a lot and this is the one thing they fight over. 

Up to. 

Looking out doors as much as possible. 


Cooking dinner. I am in a huge rut and I'm convinced (or I have convinced myself) that the only way out is through and I keep going with the meal planning and the cooking and I'm exhausted and it really is true: at some point it's just been decided that I'm responsible for everyone's food intake, forever. 

Does anyone have advice to make this easy? What do you even eat? I don't understand why I can't get this under control. I am at the point where I enjoy none of it. I don't like the process at all right now. 

Working on. 

Spring landscaping. 

Excited about. 

Sutton was very into soccer practice the other day. She was up on her knees, swinging her snack around and yelling. 


I am doing my yearly rewatch of the Breaking Bad universe. To do this, you have to start with Better Call Saul. Then Breaking Bad. Then El Camino.

If you've never seen any of it, you need to start with Breaking Bad and then watch El Camino. Watch Better Call Saul last. There's a ton of BB Easter eggs in BCS and you need to have the background in order to see them. I mean, this is the way it was designed to be watched since BB came out first. 

I may or may not move onto a rewatch of Weeds after this. 


Well, I've been reading next to nothing because of aforementioned rewatch. I have actually been making my way through Mere Christianity for the second time; I listened to it the first time. I just bought M is for Mama and then I grabbed a copy of Mama Bear Apologetics for a book group. I listened to it the first time I read it awhile back. I also have the new Jojo Moyes and the new Megan Miranda on my nightstand. I'm swamped. 


JCrew t-shirt dresses. I have 5-6 that I've collected over the last few years. 

Doing this weekend. 

I don't know. Is that an acceptable answer? 

Looking forward to next month. 

To be *quite* honest, I'm looking forward to Wells not having to go to preschool every day after it ends in May. Not because I don't like his school or anything but because it's 10 miles one way and that's a lot of driving for 3 hours of preschool every single day. Graduation in coming up in about 3 weeks. 

Something I do truly appreciate about the state of Missouri is that school ends for the year, usually, around May 20th. Much better than early-mid June. 

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