April 3, 2023

Amazon lately + Easter baskets + Dresses

It was a slow Amazon month (for me, not for Scott. Or for Wells. Wells loves when I let him open the boxes of parts and tools that arrive almost daily).

So I'm combining some Easter basket discussion and some formal dresswear talk. 

So from Amazon, this is really all I've got. These ketones drink mixes are something I take most days. I have to be honest: it's getting a little hard to choke down this flavor so I mix it with orange juice and coconut water. Scott drinks them too. 

Every single other thing was related to house projects, and I spent most of my month doing returns to Nordstrom and buying Easter basket goodies. I need to do a whole post about it, but I've been really trying to shop at smaller businesses and not just Amazon and the like. 

When it comes to baskets, every parent does things *so* differently. This wasn't really something I considered much before becoming a parent but then I had Thoughts and Opinions once I got into the game. Just like with Christmas stockings/gifts, we do reinforce a mythical creature because it's fun. We'll leave out some carrots for the Easter bunny and all that, but I don't hide baskets. That seriously would've stressed me out as a kid, and sounds like way too much work now. 

Wells has 3 egg hunts on his schedule this week so there will be no egg hunt and NO Easter grass. I learned my lesson last year. I think I'm going to just use tissue paper in their baskets. I also don't love little trinket-y toys that I usually end up throwing away. There's no stuffed animals because that's pointless. Also, not much candy. The one thing I still have coming for Sutton is a pair of water shoes she can wear outside this summer, hopefully. 

I got them things I either wanted them to have or that they actually need. Wells has asked for a Pokemon water bottle, "Pokemon", "goggles", "the ninja book", etc. Sutton gets an Easter bunny in Missouri book since Wells has a Pennsylvania one from his first two Easters in Pittsburgh. 

What do you do for Easter baskets? 

We have a formal event coming up next week. I have been trying to find a dress for two months now. I have bought, tried on, and returned 5 now. I have tried to buy one that sold out at the last second. I have bought and decided to keep one. This has been a full-time job. I grabbed two clutches online the other day. I'll send back the one I don't like. Still don't have shoes but I'm going to do that in-person this week at an actual shoe store. Also don't have a wrap but this is seeming like way too much work at this point so I might just wing it, hope for a warm night, and keep a jacket in the car. 

First dress was from Amazon:

Next two were from Lulus:

Neither exist anymore on the site, but here's the details from my emails. They were very well-made so I wouldn't hesitate to order from this brand if you have a need for a dress. 

Then I gave up and went to Nordstrom online. I tried to order this and it sold out in my size before it could ship. 

Next from Nordstrom:

This was not the same in person...I don't know..curtain-like, you might say? 

And then this one from Nordstrom:

This is the dress I kept:

You can absolutely see my progression in choice here: 

I started trying to get away with something basic. Then I moved onto dresses with some style to them. Then I went for texture and "interesting". Then I went for color. In the end, I might as well just go with the hot pink. Completely by chance, I'm sure, the dress I kept was the most expensive one at $124. 

Good thing these events only happen once every 18 months. In our case though we haven't been one a formal event since January of 2017. I was informed by Scott that since he's higher-ranking now, we'll get to leave early so the soldiers can party without the bosses watching. 

That's totally okay. 

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