April 5, 2023

{Currently} in April.

Loving. These Sanuks. I've had two other pairs and I've completely worn them out. It's been about 4 or 5 years. This might be the summer I get new ones. I've never found flip flops I love as much. 

And I'm waiting for an opportunity to treat myself to this:

Hoping. To share this recipe tomorrow? Maybe. I've shared it before but it's worth a re-up. 

Playing. We've got two more weeks of soccer season left (maybe 3...this is the longest 2-ish months of my life). Wells, somehow, developed real dribbling and blocking skills and is great at it for being 4 years old. He also gets goofy and plays around a lot more than I would prefer while he's on the field but, hey, this is why I'm not a coach. 

On Monday, it was super warm out and I failed on the sunscreen and I failed on the hat. She doesn't have a hat so I found this that was Wells'. Only one person referred to her as a boy. (She had pink shoes and pink pants on...)

oh my gosh:

And Wells in the same hat three years ago:

Needing. To figure out a way I can allow Sutton to look outside without letting out all the a/c or heat (because in Missouri, you use heat one day, a/c the next, heat the day after that, and so on).

Why was she looking outside?

Scott found a leak in the well line. So he had to turn off the water, dig up the yard, and replace the pipe :) :) :) In addition to the support beam we needed to add to keep the ceiling from collapsing, the HVAC that needed to be replaced, and the termite damage in the siding, this was another fun surprise. 

Feeling. Like we never get decent food experiences around here. We went like 45 minutes away over the weekend and finally had something worth posting here. To be honest, there were some great restaurants that we tried in Pittsburgh, living there a few years ago, but mostly downtown. And we had some favorites we still miss in Colorado. But there's just not a lot around *here* that makes me want to go out to eat. 

Crab cakes. Very good.

Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. 
I've seen this on the food blogs as a flavor/style of chicken but figured I'd want a restaurant version before guessing what it's supposed to be like. This was good. 

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