March 29, 2023

WUW: March 2023

 It's been awhile since I've done a post like this. I feel like I have a whole bunch to recommend and mention though so here we go... 


Not eating the nail polish. But I really like Junior Mints. Is that weird? 
The nail polish was a spring treat for myself (because when do we not treat ourselves...) because I'm really trying to keep polish on these days. 


I am so tired of cooking and so tired of grocery shopping. I pulled this all out of the pantry on Sunday and it was really good. A recipe from the way-back. 


This is an old picture but this hat from Target. My aunt sent it for Christmas and we get complimented on it everywhere. Just yesterday, 4-5 people mentioned it in the two stops we made. Now I have to find her an equally crowd-pleasing summer hat. 

Up to.

They do like to play together. 


Sutton has had a cold so I had to make a trip for medicine yesterday. Waiting to see if I'll get to sleep tonight. Also, the ashwagandha is for Scout. I'm not even kidding. He freaks out every time it rains these days. 

Working on.

I have ordered, I think, 7 dresses at this point for an army function we have coming up. They are all awful in their own way. This one is going back. It has the feel of a communion cloth (from like the table at the front of the church?), but in pink. It's terrible.

Excited about. 

Summer? Though, I say that now, before the oppressive heat and humidity sets in. Mostly I'm tired of wearing pants. 


I started watching Shrinking over the weekend and didn't love it. It was supposed to be funny but I just found it depressing. Switched to Black Bird which was really good. Less depressing than Shrinking, though it's about murder and takes place in a prison so...make of that what you will. 

Also watching the trash heap dumpster fire that is Love is Blind. I hate how I can't turn down a season of this. I really hope another season of The Ultimatum is on the way!

Oh, and The Bachelor finale/After the Final Rose on Monday. Gosh that show is terrible. I have many thoughts but they probably aren't worth sharing. Will you watch Charity's season? I don't find her to be that interesting? I tend to like The Bachelor more than The Bachelorette, as a rule. 


Shared March books on Monday. I started reading The Senator's Wife (ARC from Netgalley) over the weekend and I can already tell that'll be a DNF because I don't care. Who on earth wants to read about the political scene? 

I also started this while I was getting a pedicure last week and it's not bad but I don't know if I care to finish it. 

Listening to.

I've been listening to a backlog of Risen Motherhood podcasts on the weekends. I do like them and they're pretty theologically solid. The posting-kids-on-the-internet one was good. I don't think there's anything inherently bad about sharing our kids. I do feel uncomfortable sometimes, knowing that I know the names, ages, birthdays, etc of the children of random bloggers I follow. 
(And yes I keep my phone on dark mode because I'm not nuts)


This jacket from Alaska Chicks is soft, long, roomy, and unique. Also, half off, which is why I splurged on it. I have two other coats this color (which I realized after it showed up :) but I've already worn it 4 days in a row. 

I also got Sutton a shacket...I cannot. 

I had been eyeing up something similar at Walmart awhile back and this one is like $5 more and much better quality. I got a 4T so it'll fit in the fall since spring is about here. 

I pulled out the Universal Thread booties last week. Truth: I hate mules. I think they are the ugliest thing a person could put on their feet and all I see out there right now are mules. 

I'm between bags since we're slowly moving away from carrying bottles with us (me, with me). So I pulled out this tote again. It's MZ Wallace and I got it on sale last year. It'll do until I get what I want (probably for Mother's Day?). You can look at the site on that link ^ but I assure you: I did not pay anywhere close to $275 for it. Whew. 
I've already spilled two bottles in it over the last week so I can also assure you that it wipes out easily. My car keys took a bit more work to get clean. 

Doing this weekend.

I believe we have a swimming lesson (this is a saga but should be coming to an end soon) and a soccer game. I can't lie: I'm pretty thrilled every time a game is canceled due to rain or mud. I told Scott that I feel like we already got our $35 worth. It's just a *lot* to haul a baby/stroller and maybe two dogs with me to soccer practice at exactly dinnertime 2-3 times a week. 

What else is new. 

Just eagerly awaiting somewhat warmer weather. I did some weeding in our front yard/construction zone last night. I thought these were daffodils but now I don't think they are. (reason #948 why I don't garden or have a single plant but I do love pulling weeds)

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