February 8, 2023

Phone Photos.

 This is just a random collection of the types of pictures I usually share on Stories. My content there ranges from non-overshared memes (i try to be original, thankyouverymuch) to baby stuff (and the preschooler when he obliges) to the political and to the faith-filled (speaking truth is important). Also, dogs.

These are unedited and out of order. (such is life so ENJOY)

My favorite pjs for babies and toddlers are the Burts Bees ones. The quality and variety for the price is the best I've found. 

Loves the mirror

Went to the hospital to order medical records. Masks required (:

The positions we twist into to get a baby to look at the camera...

 Shark's mouth

We renewed our aquarium/museum memberships. It's the one easy indoor activity we can do all year round.

She was more interested in whatever than she was in the real penguin. 


Boba. Which is basically a milkshake.

Baby's first Vietnamese

My baby restaurant hack is back: You put everything they need in a ziploc bag. When they're finished being all messy, you put it all back in the bag and then deal with it at home. 

Trying new headbands. Still not sure.

Me too.

Pre-dinner charcuterie

More mirror time

New game. Batteries not included obviously.

Lunch. No one ate the muffins I mentioned making last week, don't worry. Wells refused and she fed hers to the dog. Scott liked them. 

Any time I hear a baby yelling, it's because Wells has done this to her. 

Oh, that's better. 

Grocery store maybe?

First smoothie.

Wells' lunch...Smoothie is pineapple, almond milk, banana, hemp hearts. 

I couldn't get dinner on the table fast enough last night (and don't worry, no one ate it :) :), so Wells and Sutton had a banana and Cheerios feast at 4:30pm. 
Probably why they didn't eat. 

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