February 6, 2023

Amazon in January.

I told myself that I wasn't going to buy things from Amazon, or online in general, in January. Then life caught up to us, I guess. 

Unless you wish to see the furnace and pellet stove parts, I'll just skip right to the good stuff. 

I went down a bit of a non-toxic rabbit hole. Long story short, you'll see that reflected in my purchases here :)

Everyone Hand Soap. Good ingredients. Great smells. I can't always find it in-store so Amazon it is. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Love this smell so much. This is in my diffuser right now. I also have the lemon, which is great for the Clean Mama sink scrub

Dry brush. Is anyone dry brushing regularly? Have you seen a benefit? It seems like a really easy habit to add in, right? 

Everyone Kids' soap. More orange (clearly I have a preference) and more soap. Again, can only find it on Amazon. 

Glass spray bottles. I got these to put white vinegar in for cleaning and ended up putting my kitchen counter spray in one too. I just think they're so much prettier than having plastic sitting around. (I have to admit that I have considered buying glass spray bottles for like 4 years. I don't know why it was so hard.)

Infared thermometer. This was a Scott purchase to test the temp of the heat coming out of the vents and to check the pellet stove temperature and it'll be useful for the pizza oven in the backyard. In reality, Wells also runs around the house with it as a laser pointer. 

First Year Baby Calendar. A friend gave me this calendar when Wells was born. I filled it out diligently with as much detail as I could. ....I bought one for Sutton a few weeks ago. Goal is to have it "done" this spring, not too long after she turns one.

Biokleen Laundry Detergent. Again. with. the. citrus. I figured I'd dive into the non-toxic products in a big way by overhauling my laundry routine. I also have been adding some white vinegar. Makes a difference!

And dryer balls too. I am probably the last one on the dryer ball train but I'm trying it now. 

Neon pink shoelaces. I'm going to put these into my white leather-like shoes this spring. I say "this spring" because all I wear now are boots and I have no need to pull out spring/summer shoes right now. (it's a little bit ridiculous to tell you the truth)

Dinosaur valentines. You cannot beat Amazon for variety. (though Wells had similar ones last year and he loved them then too)

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