February 3, 2023

Friday Favorites, 2/3

1. I completely caught up on Yellowstone. I bought it all on Amazon because I am home with two small children and two anxious dogs and this is entertainment. I did this with Better Call Saul too, back in May. I had an infant and I deserved it, darn it. 

2. I painted the entire living/dining/kitchen gray last weekend. It's Sherwin-Williams Argos. And I finally took the ugly out-of-place key rack off the wall. It had been right under the light switches. 

And Scott put up nice blinds. I cannot believe these windows didn't have blinds when we moved in. Those people were odd.

3. Jett and I enjoyed The Bachelor on Monday. 

4. I finished this book from Netgalley and it's still available to request. It was extremely good. I couldn't put it down. It takes place during a snowstorm so winter is a perfect time to read it. It comes out in May. 


^I've definitely shared this before but man is it true. 

My favorite: 

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