February 10, 2023

Friday favorites, 2/10

1. TV: Wells was watching TV and drinking milk before bed the other night and I told him it was time for bed right away  (he's 4 and me upending his little nightly routine never ends well...usually he gets to stay up til about 7:30 if Scott is home) because I was going to watch The Bachelor. And Scott was like okay and took Wells to bed and they watched funny Youtube videos together so I could eat my ice cream in peace. It doesn't take that much to make me happy, I guess.

But anyway, the skydiving date. I couldn't handle it. Like, I couldn't do it. Scott has jumped out of a planes so many times and I can barely handle flying at all because I get so motion sick. 

I don't have many thoughts on the season other than I like having something meaningless to watch and think about...all the true crime was starting to get to me. 

Otherwise, Scott has been watching The Last of Us, which I can barely tolerate. I hate hate hate apocalyptic shows. Scott loves them. 

I miss Yellowstone.

2. Books: I finished a fantastic ARC last weekend and read another ARC this week. I went on a Netgalley requesting spree awhile back and it paid off. 

Up next: 

3. I went to the doctor this morning just because I finally am working on establishing care somewhere else after last spring's debacle. Good news? No masks!

4. No big plans for Valentine's Day but I grabbed this bunny and this book for Sutton. 

I got Hungry Hungry Hippos for Wells. Ordered that about 7 minutes after my Amazon post went up on Monday. Scott asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I told him I got them these things and he goes well I didn't ask what you got them, I asked what you wanted. But again:

I guess I'm taking this as permission to buy myself something but I'm waiting on like 5 packages right now so...


Hear me out: I don't like John Mayer. But I despise yogurt. This makes so much sense to me. (mostly I hate the smell)

Okay, I shared this a few weeks ago, but I met a mom in the library this week and she was telling me how she was born in 2002 and I almost died. 

In case you missed it:

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