February 27, 2023

11 months of Sutton.

Good things about her getting bigger:

Super duper looking forward to no more bottles! I think I slowly started cutting Wells off at 12 months and he was done by 14 months? Maybe 15 months. With Sutton, I'm following some Formula Mom tips and I got these cups for milk and I'm still going to do her bottle as a sign for bed. Here's the thing: I held onto bottles longer with Wells because it was the spill-proof way of him drinking by himself in the car. Sutton is not a car-bottle drinker. She's never even figured out the method for it. She lays on the floor to drink her bottles, usually. 
Actually, I'm super duper looking forward to not have to mix formula. It's a constant in the back of my head: do we have formula mixed in the fridge? While I think the pitcher is an absolute game changer, I'm ready for her to move on from this. We do have a few canisters of toddler formula I'm going the start using this week. I bought it during the panic of not being able to find formula last May, in case things got really bad. So I'll use that up and then move her onto whole milk. Wells drinks 2%, Scott and I usually have Lactaid skim in the fridge because we like the flavor, so we'll be in the Land of 3 Milks for the next year. I think I switched Wells to 2% at age 2. 

What about pacifiers? What's the plan for getting rid of them? Wells didn't use a pacifier so I'm clueless. She loves her little llama pacifier. It's like her friend at this point. 

Her favorite foods are when Scott makes her breakfast. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, he gets up with Wells and Sutton first and makes eggs and toast. Otherwise, she like club crackers, grapes, strawberries, pouches of fruits and veggies, and basically whatever we're eating. She's not a picky one. She's never been an oatmeal fan but she did try her first green smoothie this past month and she loved that. We do keep some baby puffs around for her and some teething crackers but she doesn't like the "baby" snacks the way Wells did. Sometimes I feel like she's had everything under the sun already including pho, Indian food, etc. We've always just kind of given her what we're eating. Then I remember that Wells had ice cream around 10 months and she hasn't had any yet and I feel okay about food choices for her.

She's not walking but is pulling up on all the furniture and enjoying the independence of getting from point a to point b. I'm good with this. She's fast too, when it comes to crawling. Usually she can be found near the dog water if I can't see her. 

She is truly the happiest baby I could've imagined. I think I said it before but she'll often wake up around 9pm and I'll get her from her crib and play with her while we watch tv at night (most recently, The Last of Us, The Bachelor, and The Menu which are not things we can watch while Wells is awake :)
We seriously enjoy that one on one time with her for 30 minutes or so most nights. 

I seriously enjoy taking her everywhere with me because no one doesn't like Sutton. She's the sweetest, smiliest girl and so good in the shopping cart or the stroller. 

When it comes to personality, she is the opposite of Wells. He's always been more emotional than her though, even as a baby. Sutton is much more even but when she wants something, she yells. She is determined. I watched her curse out her toys in baby yells because one was stuck in the basket and she wanted it. 
All I can think about here is that my introduction to Sutton was during my c-section when they pulled her out and she was actually yelling. No cry. Just angry confusion. Which makes sense. 

Time to start prepping the 1st birthday party supplies this week. We won't be going as big as we did for Wells, but I have some plans. 

Sutton's nickname is Squishy and Wells and Scott call her the Squishiest of the Isnhiest, which just reminds of Love, Actually and how the Prime Minister's secretary is called Plumpy lol. 

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