February 23, 2023

Fashion Files.

A few more things to share. I've been going a littttttttle nuts lately. In fact, I'm giving up buying things for Lent :) 

First, this awwwwwful jacket from Amazon. I saw it on a blogger, I saw it on Amazon, I haven't had a jacket that was a go-to for everyday since maybe 2021? So I thought I'd grab one to try. Scott actually told me it was ugly and said to get the gray. But I have a gray Northface one I wore to death in 2018-2019 so I didn't want gray. I am not usually a fan of teddy bear sherpa but I really liked this for some reason. I wore an Under Armor fleece for a lot of 2020-2021 when I was going to work, and then got this amazing coat from Target that gets nothing but compliments but I also wore it through 9 months of pregnancy and post-partum so I'm ready to move on from that jacket. 


Don't get it. 

The fit was off. I got a medium and it just wasn't a good shape. Nothing like the Amazon ad, obviously. Which is why I almost never buy anything wearable from Amazon; I don't trust those pictures. Some people mentioned the shrinkwrap packaging was off-putting, and maybe some reviewer mentioned a smell. I didn't have these issues. It was the fit and the color. 

Excuse the pajamas:

I couldn't put my finger on what didn't work. I think it's the bottom. There's no "gather" and the shoulders aren't slouchy like in the picture. 
Again, this is why I always say I don't buy clothes from Amazon...but I ordered something else from there I'll have to share next week because lessons aren't easily learned for me. 

My point with this whole rant is that this jacket was $50. Don't do it. 

I ended up going to Athleta's website and getting a jacket on clearance for essentially the same price. It's not yet arrived so we'll see. 

Next up, I spend a significant amount of time wanting casual not-flip-flop-or-footbed-sandals every summer. I am the biggest fan ever of the wedge heel and wore out multiple pairs while I was teaching in Colorado. Wedges aren't super practical as a SAHM though. 

I have been eyeing these from Madewell for I think two years now. I saw they were on sale last week so I grabbed them. I am not a Madewell stan because of their politics but capitalism and all. I already gave up Target for most intents and purposes and, judging by my current browser history, I'm not giving up Amazon any time soon. 

These haven't arrived yet so I'll let you know if they're worth the splurge. 

Finally, I ordered FOUR pairs of jeans a few weeks ago. One pair fit the way I wanted. I remember liking Kut from the Kloth back in the day but the 3 pairs I tried just felt weird. They all went back to Nordstrom Rack. 

The winners were these 1822 jeans from Stitchfix. I don't know why people hate on SF so much. I have never had an issue with their clothes. These are tencel so they're comfortable and stretchy. Sizes are limited right now, but they're affordable AND comfortable. 

Lastly, Carly Jean Los Angeles. They seriously have the best customer service. Cannot recommend them enough. Something else: the quality of the clothes is extremely high. This is the exact opposite of what you'd be finding on Amazon. At this point, I have a few dresses and a few shirts. 

This is a hoodie and it's lightweight and super soft. I'm wearing a medium. 

Man, look at that real life happening behind me. 

(If you're wondering why I am barely making it onto the internet these days it's because I'm busy picking things up on the floor.)

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