December 21, 2022

Wednesday links. 12/21

First, I posted my 2022 book recap yesterday and, on Monday I shared some last-minute gift ideas

Today was supposed to be a 9 month update on baby Sutton but well...I haven't even taken her official pictures yet. 

So here's some links worth sharing.

So I ordered two pairs of jeans from Target at like 11pm one night last week. Barely remembered doing it in the morning. This is why babies who wake up a lot + phone next to my bed is dangerous. But I got these mid-rise skinny jeans and these high-rise ones, assuming one might be okay. I ordered the same size in both. The mid-rise felt better but the high-rise ones didn't *not* fit. But I returned the high-rise because I didn't really need a pair that didn't fit perfectly. The mid-rise are pretty much close to perfect and I can't believe they were only $24. Anyway, I "returned" the high-rise but they must be so dispensable to Tar-jay that they gave me my money back and told me to keep the jeans anyway. 

This fruit salad was so good last winter that I'm going to make it this weekend. 

My parents got me this shirt for Christmas. Apparently it runs very big but it's wrapped up and I haven't tried it yet. I'm just excited for a shirt that's not cropped. I'm so tired of everything being cropped. It's not a good look for 99.9% of the population.

I'm going to make these peppermint brownies maybe tomorrow. 

This is the most forgiving sugar cookie recipe you can find. It's EASY and simple and they really do taste good and hold up to a lot of frosting. I baked them yesterday and I'm decorating today. 

If I can find a very small bottle of vodka and a very small bottle of schnapps, I'm going to try these peppermint mules. I hate vodka after the Cranberry and Vodka Incident of 2008, so I don't want it around the house.

I made this pizza on October 28th, which was the day we pretended was Halloween because that was trunk-or-treat for us and we didn't do anything on actual Halloween. So Wells calls it "that pizza you made on Halloween". It's on the menu again this week. 


  1. I love puff pastry and that is genius! I want to try that. I can also fit a small pizza in my air fryer so I don't have to heat up the oven.
    Those jeans are the best. I bought the mid rise in 2021 in a medium wash, a darker wash, and a light wash and wore the crap out of them. I still wear them and I think I got mine on sale for $18 -20! I cut and frayed two of the pairs and left one alone. I like that you can buy them in short. Old Navy jeans suck for me. They are long in the crotch and bag out in my opinion. I don't know why everyone loves them?
    I like that shirt you are getting, too.
    The peppermint mule looks interesting. I am excited to do my own cranberry mule.

  2. I'm heading to check out the sugar cookie recipe. I just bought premade dough LOL After all the baking shoes I watch - I need to step up my game!

  3. Good morning! I meant to read this post on Friday, then I forgot. I woke up to a light and beautiful dusting of snow and am blaming it on being distracted by that. 🤣 You have some great things listed here! I clicked on all the links...I love that shirt you're getting for Christmas! And that holiday mule drink with cranberry sounds really good. The "great vodka debacle of 2008" made me chuckle...I am not a fan of vodka either, but I feel you could easily substitute that for something else? I don't know about alcohol, so I'm guessing. Thanks for sharing today! Merry Christmas!


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