December 30, 2022

Friday Favorites, 12/30

1. First, let's say good-bye to 2022. I know we got another day and all, but I am not sorry to see this year go. Part of me feels like I can't throw my old planner away fast enough. Though, I don't know if I should because it's the year Sutton was born. I started out 8 months pregnant and was continuously sick with colds and coughs for January, February, and March. We had our delightful baby Sutton in March but not without a whole lot of things I'd rather forget to go along with it. Scott was away for weeks upon weeks at a time this last year. Spring was incredibly rainy and not great. Summer was hot and kind of hard to get out in with a small baby. Fall brought all the feelings and complications of not going back to work and getting Wells onto a preschool routine. Also, sickness. All the colds and coughs, all the time. In reality, aside from Sutton herself, this year was just really tiring. I mentioned to a friend that I used the excuse of "I'm having/had/have a baby" to get out of a lot of personal accountability in 2022. 

2. Speaking of babies: this is the #1 gift you need to get for any baby in your life. 

When Wells used to go to a playgroup, someone would bring a set of these stacking cups and they were the most popular toy among the under-1 crowd. I could never understand it. We didn't have a set, but I got them for Sutton for Christmas and they are, shockingly, the most popular toy in our house right now. 

*They are sold out on Amazon, which is where I got them. Amazon gives a lot of alternatives but you don't need anything fancy. You need the $5 ones. 

3. Wells' favorite gift is probably this scooter. It's so nice to see him flying all over the house on it because he is kind of a fearful kid. He has an outdoor scooter that he is a bit scared of and he isn't comfortable on his bike. This is the perfect gift for a preschooler if you've got the floor space in your house. 

4. Got a new phone yesterday. I'd had my old one for 2.5 years and I usually wrangle myself into a new one every 2 or so years. I'm a millenial and that's my curse, I guess. I like shiny new cell phones.

Unfortunately I didn't have a solid back-up on my iPhone 11 so...I'll be spending my weekend adding in contacts. (back up your phones)

See the baby stacking cups on the floor?

5. The Core Corrective program I mentioned the other day is on sale until January 1st. Again, I'm loving the results (I'm in week 3) and can see myself doing these quick core/glute workouts multiple times a week, even after I finish it. I plan to, honestly, go through the program a second time once I finish this first 4 week round. 

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