December 28, 2022

Christmas Weekend 2022

Scott got stuck on the east coast on Friday. He had originally flown from St. Louis to the east coast a week before and then couldn't get back due to the weather delays and cancellations. He'd left his car at the airport too. The only way he could get back for Christmas was to fly into Springfield, where I would go to pick him up on Christmas Eve. Then that meant we had to go back to St. Louis to get the car this week. 

This did, however, give us the chance to go to The City Museum. We went there back in 2009 when we first came to Missouri for a summer. In addition to the tripling in admission fee, I don't remember it being quite as amazing this time. Maybe because I'm old. Maybe because we were wrangling a non-adventurous 4 year old. Maybe because it was 24 degrees outside and they don't heat the building. Maybe because it was super crowded and we had a stroller. Who knows. I'm glad we went though. Day trips to St. Louis aren't usually in the cards for us (me, I'm referring to me) because it's a 2 hour one-way trip. 

Backtracking a few days... since we had to be in Springfield for an airport run on Christmas Eve, we tried to go for pho. They were closed. Tried to get Thai food. They were closed. Ended up at an Indian restaurant. I don't know: I think dinner out on Christmas Eve might be a nice tradition to start.


And Christmas...

She has worn all of Wells' old Christmas outfits from his first AND his second Christmas this year, since she's between the two sizes.

Hanna Andersson pjs I love.

Tracking Santa

Family presents

Santa presents

We were given this bottle when Sutton was born. Now's as good a time as any because we certainly didn't drink it back then.

I totally took a week off from this without even planning to, mostly because the weather was so atrocious last week that I couldn't focus and had to go out and buy space heaters. Then the whole airport kerfluffle. Look for Sutton's 9 month update tomorrow.
I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a Merry Christmas :)

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