December 29, 2022

9 Months of Sutton.


Sutton has a lot of teeth. Like 9 or 10. She won't let me get a good look. I scrub some toothpaste on them after her last bottle at night.

At her 9 month appointment last week, she weighed 17 pounds, 15 oz and was 27.5 inches long. That's right around the 50% for both. Head is at 95%. 

I have her in size 4 diapers and she wears 9-18 month clothing, depending on the brand. Speaking of diapers, Wells could wear just about any brand so I usually stuck to Target. She does best with Pampers ($$$).

She loves to eat now and I give her whatever we're eating: eggs when Scott cooks breakfast, the meat and veggies from soups, bananas, strawberries, rice, tortillas, toast, pizza crust, whatever. She's learning to use a straw now too. 

She is "dragger", not a crawler. She's getting better, but she's generally a pretty careful baby. She's face-planted a few times and it's definitely scared her a bit. If she sees me at all, she starts wailing so I will pick her up. She's lazy, for sure. I am pretty sure I made her that way. She does love to sit on a little chair, fall forward, and have me catch her. 

Sutton LOVES her baths. It is absolutely her favorite thing ever. She cannot get enough of the water. She is more adventurous in the tub than she is sitting on the living room floor. Wells pours water over her head and she just laughs. I really wish there was a place for swimming lessons around here. 

Onto this month's commentary...

I was reading a comment thread in a local Facebook group the other day (isn't this how all good stories start?) and it was a question about the best place to deliver a baby around here. The question was: Do they give you a celebration meal?

This shows where priorities lie, am I right? I kid you not, post-traumatic delivery/c-section, I was asked no less than 5 times if I wanted to order my celebration meal and they kept shoving a menu at me. I couldn't even sit up without throwing up and wasn't even able to hold my baby yet. 

I told Scott about this comment thread and he just laughed. People are freaking ridiculous. 

In case you're wondering a local hospital does do a celebration meal that includes tomato vinaigrette salmon. 

Meanwhile, I still can't eat pancakes or toast or eggs or breakfast food in general after they forced it on me 36 hours after Sutton was born. Like, wouldn't let me leave until I took a few bites of something.  Talk about trauma. I used to love breakfast.

I know I really (really) need to put this all behind me and I can't believe it's been 9 whole months but I also feel like my feelings about our experience will intensify as we move closer to her first birthday. 

Also: Had an uh-oh moment when I realized she was now 9 months old and my consolation to baby weight and whatever is "well, it took nine months to grow the baby, so I get nine months to go back to normal". And now it's been (over) nine months. Whoops.

I'm not unhappy with how it's going but also I could definitely up my strength training and add in some cardio now that winter is really here. I did actually start a Core Corrective program because all the strength training and Pilates in the world isn't designed to fix "c-section". I thought maybe trying to work from the inside out in December and then dive back into strength and cardio in January (with the rest of the world lol) would be a good compromise. It has to be impossible for abs to just plain old heal post-caesarean, right? Muscles just don't go back together like they were never sliced in half, you know? It's just different from the first time around. 

Anyway, I think it's really working. I'm three weeks in so I'll link it and review it when I'm done. It's originally a $70 program but I got it in a Black Friday deal. 

The big stuffed elephant is covering up the fact that I sent Wells into his room to dress himself and he put on a 4th of July tank top. It was about 15 degrees outside on this day. 

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  1. My kids are 20 and my body just isn't the same with having a c-section and that's ok. I am so grateful for being a mom. You look great and are doing great! A celebration meal in a hospital? No thanks! I have no idea what I ate and I really don't care. Priorities are just so weird now, right?


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