November 1, 2022

Halloween-ish 2022

I'm not a Halloween person. Figuring out and putting a costume together is my nightmare. Halloween doesn't need to be scary; that's scary enough for me. Kids love it though. We did a costume when Wells was about 3 months old, I bought one in 2019 because I thought it was cute, and we skipped a costume in 2020 because we had just moved and we lived in the country and he didn't know any better. Last year, we did a trunk or treat for the first time ever. This year, we went back. These are at Scott's work, so the effort part is minimal for me. Half the effort of Halloween is finding out where and when to go. Wells doesn't do Halloween at school. Pretending "Halloween" is the day of trunk-or-treat has been really great the last two years. 

With all that in mind, I don't go all-out for Halloween. It's an -ish holiday around here. In fact, Wells was a ghost last year and wanted to be a ghost again this year. Done. I asked him if the baby should be a pumpkin or a bat. He said pumpkin. Done and done. 

Obviously, of course, trunk or treat was around naptime. 

I washed the ghost costume and put it away for next year. He might be too tall though, so I don't think I'll get three years out of it. We'll save it for Sutton. 

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