October 28, 2022

October Book + Friday Things, 10/28

1. I tried to write this on Wednesday-ish and then was embarrassed that it was like one book and I didn't even know how to finish the post. It hardly required a separate post. However, it was a good book. All of her books are 4 or 5 star ones for me. 


Her books are great little thrillers. I eat them up the way some of you all like your rom-coms. This is, I think, the newest because I read just about all the other ones over the summer. It's basically about a couple who gets stranded and snowed in at a big house in the middle of nowhere. There's a missing person mystery attached to the house. There's some layers here. It's good though. I read most of it in one day. I highly recommend it if you have Kindle Unlimited. However, my reading has slowed down so much in the last two months that I canceled Unlimited and just bought this book for like $3 or whatever. I have a lot of library holds that should be coming in soon...I'm not reading nearly enough for the service to pay for itself anymore. 

2. This is the kind of week we've had around here: 

This morning kicked off with Scott thinking someone was casing the house. He left me a round in the chamber before he went to PT at FIVE A.M. Honestly, after being up at 2am with a baby who was coughing all night, I went back to sleep anyway. 

3. I cannot stop ordering things online. It's awful. I'm telling myself it's not that bad and these are things we do actually need (Christmas gifts, formula, and things I can't get here because we live in BFE). It's just getting embarrassing when the mailman physically catches me in the driveway to hand me everything instead of leaving the mail in the box and the packages on the porch. The UPS guy was at the house when I got home a few weeks ago. He laughed and said he took my parking spot. 

4. Speaking of ordering online...this shirt from Costco is like $10. I cannot say enough good things about it. 

Also, cannot get enough of these Copper Pearl bows. I think they'll be perfect to actually tie around ponytails once she has hair, too. 

Also, Wells had dentist appointment #3 in the last two months yesterday. Sutton just gets to go along for the ride. One more appointment next week to fix a few issues. I do think that the average person (mom) would be super anxious and stressed about taking a 4 year old who doesn't like doctors and dentists to the dentist so many times with a baby in tow. Maybe I'm suppressing it? 

I got this planner from Target and these leggings from Costco, upon Amy's recommendation. 
I haven't worn them out yet, but it's like $15 for two pairs, so I figured I'd try them. I got mediums. They fit very similar to Align leggings (I also have a medium in those), but are thicker. I don't know what it says that Costco is my go-to clothing. I'm using them the way I used to buy from Old Navy. ON is such trendy garbage these days. 
I look at my clothes and have very little desire to wear any of them...they just remind me of teaching last year or being pregnant. I got rid of all of the maternity clothes and I don't need professional-ish wear, so I'm realizing that nice looking athleisure is going to be the way forward. 

It's like 10am and I'm just getting this post put together because I've become the ultimate procrastinator... so I'm gonna leave you with potentially the greatest meme I saw this week (and I see a lot of memes). 



  1. I will have to look for that sweatshirt! I am really more into sweatshirts than I have ever been before. I really hope you like the Felinas. The price really can't be beat. Amazon has them but they were way more expensive than Costco when I checked. Don't feel bad about ordering. You are in the stage of life where you can't run to a million places and it's so convenient. I also need to go in Costco because they have been a go-to source for Christmas presents for me.
    I bet you get very triggered by your last year clothing!
    I am going to eat my words about ON - I think the quality has improved. I am really happy with my flannel and the jeans I bought. Now, I do not want to be a regular ON shopper by any means. I feel that I am at the age where I want to go for a bit higher quality. I love when I can make that happen at consignment stores. Have you ever tried Matilda Jane women's pants? I just wish they wouldn't sew on the tag, but the full length slightly flared pants don't have it in a noticeable place. They are seriously good quality. I have several pairs and most came from consignment or my mom found a lady who used to sell MJ and bought several for me at a major discount.

  2. I have been ordering a lot lately too, tis the season. Oh my goodness, Sutton in a bow! TOO CUTE!


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