October 25, 2022

7 Months of Sutton.

Sutton definitely turned 7 months old last Tuesday, and I am just now beginning this post, let alone publishing it. 

It's funny how time moves so differently with the second child. I couldn't wait for Wells to hit each next stage. Now I'm perfectly content with Sutton wherever she happens to be. 

Sutton has 2 teeth on the bottom but more seem to be on the way. She's been fighting a cold and cough on and off for the last few weeks. She's still as happy as ever but her sleep has been a bit disrupted. I've been giving her baby mucus relief medicine at night, as well as putting a baby-safe vapor rub on her chest. And running the humidifier 24/7. Does it help? Who knows. I ordered this nasal aspirator in desperation last night. The second kid does get all the germs, so that's something we're learning. Her and Wells have just been passing whatever this is back and forth for the last two weeks. 

She is still very into her bottles. She loves her bottles. She only has a pacifier in her crib and she gets it as a sleep cue. She had more of an interest in pacis than Wells did, but not by much. She's rolling all over the place in her crib so I need to put up the breathable bumper soon, and we can probably lower the crib while we're at it. 

As for new things, we're trying foods mostly in the form of purees. She hasn't had much interest in it so I give her different kids of puffs and teething biscuits and she likes those. Maybe next month we can do more regular food pieces. She gagged pretty good on a cooked rigatoni noodle the other night so we're still not super ready to eat. 

Mostly she's been such an easy little blessing to fit into our days. She's out and about wherever I need to go. She ADORES Wells and is starting to go after the dogs which is pretty cute. I think they have a lot more tolerance for her than they had for Wells because she's the second baby and all. 

Anyway, we're all smitten with her. 

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