October 21, 2022

Friday Things, 10/21

1. New episodes of Love is Blind start next week! Also, watching the new Unsolved Mysteries season on Netflix. The White Lotus comes back to HBO Max on October 30th. Exciting times. 

2. Did you see my shacket post yesterday? I stand by this: I have never seen a trend come at us so fast and furiously. 

3. I got this sweatshirt from Alaska Chicks awhile back and it's finally been cool enough to wear it. I could not decide what this zipper is for...Scott said maybe just ventilation. I was trying to remember if it was some weird Alaska thing. I thought it might be to hide a billy club for subduing fish and all. 


7 month post coming next week

Pulling out the winter outfits because it's been winter-like around here.


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  1. LOL at the grilled cheese, because, true. I cannot get behind shackets. They look terrible on me.


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