September 13, 2022

Scout and Jett go on vacay

If there's a word I hate, it's vacay. (Or if you don't like phonics "vaca".) But when referring to a dog's vacation, it's probably okay.

That's the only way I could think to title this post. They look forward to each and every hunting outing with Scott. He takes them as much as he possibly can; sometimes 2-3 days in a row on the weekends. But then, every year in September, they head out to the plains for several days to hunt. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a counselor (Insurance pays for it so I go once in awhile because I have nothing else to do) and she was wondering why I brought the baby with me if my husband was off work that day. I said Oh, he's hunting. She asked if I was okay with that. 


I, looking back, had no idea how much Scott wanted to hunt/fish in all of his spare time until after we got married. But the long and short of it is: he works 14 hour days, he rarely gets a day off, sometimes even works weekends, and we have two hunting dogs. So yes, I'm okay with it.

The counselor was just like "hmm most wives wouldn't be okay with him not taking the baby on a day off".  I believe her, based on her military clientele, but that still blows my mind. 

But really, the reason why I don't care how much he hunts is because of Jett and Scout. As long as they get to go, it's fine by me. 

They are dogs with a purpose. They look forward to this trip every year. They start running around the house from window to window when they see the camper getting packed. Scout saw Scott load up the guns one night and he did. not. sleep. for fear of missing his wake-up call. 

Opening weekend every September always happens to fall on our wedding anniversary, which Scott absolutely insists is not his fault and "take it up with the migration patterns". 

I didn't tell the counselor about that funny coincidence. 

(These are doves. I could show you the pictures of all the dead ducks too, but you're probably not here for that kind of content.)

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  1. Just out of curosity - what happens to the dead birds... is this just for a hobby? or are those consumable animals?


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