September 12, 2022

Phone Photos.

I really need to just plain old share more. I've gotten so picky about it for some reason. I think I'm afraid of being judged. Does that make sense? Here's an unfiltered look at what we've been up to for the last week.

Our friends have been sending over these giant watermelons from their garden. 
They are seeded so they take forever to cut up. 

Dishwasher box that he won't let me throw away because he's four. 

Being v v patient during a dentist visit

Unfortunately, it wasn't great and we have to go back. We'll get to see how patient the 6 month old baby really is then.

Once or twice a week, I make chicken salads and french fries. Scott is over. it. 

Apparently there is A Difference between Matchbox and Hot Wheels and Wells let me know. 
I will not make that mistake again. 

 Her favorite place to be is just lying on the floor with blankets and toys on top of her. 

Sheet pan nachos. This is the number one use for leftover chicken. I make a quick pico to put on top. 

Outgrowing the swing

A bit small for the highchair. 

Margarita pizzas with basil from my very own basil plant. I actually took a snippet from a friend's plant and rooted it in water and planted it myself. 

He bought this with his own money after being on "green" all of August at school. He's already talking about what toy he'll buy for September. 

Grabbed this at Costco last week. Why are Costco clothes the best ones? Because I'm old? Because they're cheap? Because the quality is good? Because I like the soft material and the fact that it's all athleisure-ish? 
All of that. 

Apple-picking field trip

I'm switching to glass food storage. This set had good reviews. 

He told me he "needed to relax" and "where's that relaxing thing?"
The foot bath. He meant the foot bath. 

Dino bathing station. 

The more he freaked out about the possibility of her touching one of his dino toys, the more she laughed. This is great. 

Game day. (I tried)

And: Take a photo of me jumping over the lava!


  1. Oh man... I used to LOVE the big old boxes... I would draw windows on them &color my flowers in front of my "house" .. so much fun!
    I go to Sam's Club - but love their clothes - I'm forever picking up their cardigans when they have them out!

  2. I love this type of post. You cook some amazing stuff! I get in habits like that where I keep making the same thing. Tom knows not to bite the hand that feeds him. Ha! Sloan is so cute! She looks like your hub, I think. I think Wells looks more like you. It's so fun when you see them interact with each other, right? I did not know that Hot Wheels and Matchbox were different either! I love the imaginary play that comes with big boxes at that age - and sticks, and whatever else they find.


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