September 9, 2022

Friday Favorites, 9/9

1. The White Lotus. This was so good. Cannot recommend it enough. The soundtrack/score is what made the show was almost like an immersive experience. It's on HBOMax. Then we started Severance because I saw it come highly recommended on a Twitter thread and I do like Adam Scott. It's kind of crazy to wrap your head around the plot. (Scott hasn't liked either of these, but he also watches things like House of Dragons.)

2. Pulled out the big girl stroller. I love this pram stroller but this is much easier for longer walks because it's more all-terrain-ish. It's been all over the country with Wells and is still good as new. We've had it for over 3 years, and Sutton is big enough for it now. It's not the jogging version because I don't jog and this works great for trails and for pavement. This is most similar to what we have. I don't think they make the exact model anymore. 

3.  Scott got me a new dishwasher for our anniversary. (Somewhere a feminist is probably shrieking and melting into a puddle.)

4. Most days, I try to walk while Wells is at school. But if not, I do a Cody Rigsby ride. He is the only cycling instructor I am able to pay attention to/care about and I love that he said he doesn't like Taylor Swift. 

. I don't have a particular affection for the British royal family, aside from the fact that Kate is lovely and her wardrobe is what I would aspire to if I ever had the opportunity. I do think it's worth noting that Queen Elizabeth II has a very special place in world history and a family who cared for her so much. Quite the legacy. 

However, two things can be true at once, and this is everyone yesterday scrambling to find any and all photos they have of either Great Britain or the BRF or anything of the like to post to their social media:

(You know I'm right :) All you have to do is log onto Facebook to check.)


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