September 6, 2022

Amazon lately.

Diapers and Formula -- super exciting stuff, right? 

Also baby-related: I ordered this baby monitor. Ours was 4 1/2 years old and it broke over 2 years ago but was still usable. We stopped using it for Wells when he was about 2 anyway and never even hooked it up in this house for him. I'm not one to obsess over the monitor but, as Sutton gets to be more active in the crib, it'd probably be nice to have a monitor that held a charge for more than 6 minutes. I really like that this one doesn't have to use wi-fi. 

These Sketchers slippers were definitely reduced when I got them because I paid $24, not $31, but they are totally worth it. My old slippers that I bought last year were cheap(er) and they started to fall apart a few months ago. These are indoor/outdoor ones and feel very shoe-like. So I'll need to be careful or I might forget I have them on and drive away with them on my feet. 

Mrs. Meyer's All-Purpose Cleaner. Okay, I'm super picky about cleaning products. The smell, they have to work, etc. And I don't actually like the soaps from this brand; they dry out my hands. But this cleaner looked good enough to try and I do love it. A great price for 3 bottles too. 

I got these crystal cabinet pulls and these gold colored handles to finish the dresser I re-did for Wells' room. I wanted this to be a weekend project but Scott has had to re-drill some of the holes, so it's not 100% finished yet. But I lined the drawers with navy blue and put all his clothes in it anyway.

And, just like last month, unless you want to see a "Valterra Flush King 45 Degree Reverse Flush Valve Attachment for RV, Camper, Trailer" or a "Frabill Umbrella Net for Catching Bait and Crawfish" (which is currently unavailable anyway), I won't share Scott's purchases for the month. 

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  1. Those slippers do look a lot like shoes. You could probably get away with them for a quick errand lol

  2. I purchases from the husband's point of view would a completely different ball game. :)


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