September 16, 2022

Friday Favorites, 9/16

1. This dress from Target is just perfect for all seasons. It's 100% NOT see-through and almost feels like it's lined. I can't believe it was only $12. 

Then, I really like this dress but, for real, I need that price to drop before I pull the trigger. 

2. I saw this Freedom sweatshirt and I love it and the donation/mission behind it, but then I saw this:

Who dry-cleans sweatshirts? Or handwashes? I can see line/air-drying, but what is this about?

No. Just no. 

3. I don't see myself getting a Stanley mug. The only way I will get a Stanley mug is because everyone else has a Stanley mug and I don't want to be left out (at least I admit it). However, I ended up getting this at Walmart many weeks ago. I know everyone has their own water bottle/container dilemmas and this solved my problem and it works well. $13, not $40+shipping and a wait list. 

4.  Temperatures were a bit fall-like in the mornings this week and now we're going back up into the 90s for like 4 days and I hate everything. 

(She has her first tooth halfway in so she is hit or miss with hating everything too.)


Okay, on this one: Posts 2, 3, and 6 might as well be c/p'd from the actual groups I'm in on FB. ESPECIALLY THE FORMULA ONE. Also, you can sub in "diapers".

And this one: Posts 9 and 14. Exact replicas of what I read every single day online.

My favorite was when, two weeks into the school year, there was a 44 comment thread about what cold-like symptoms everyone's kids were experiencing. 


  1. Well shoot - I went to look at that dress & my size is sold out in every color - oh well - just saved me some money!

  2. The Stanley cup is really heavy. I had no idea cups could be so heavy. I have been going to the gym, but come on. I got mine on sale and in the gold color which I guess was undesirable. I keep it at school. It's not that great. That dress is amazing. I feel like it looks so much more modern than my swing dresses. So great to throw a cardigan or blazer over! Those memes and messages are too much. The Nextdoor app is like that. The dumbest things... "did anyone hear a boom at 12?", "Just wanted to show you a picture of this squirrel who really loves my yard", etc.

  3. Hahah dry clean sweatshirts. What on earth. I don’t dry clean normal clothes, what makes you think I’ll do it for my lounge wear?

    It’s going to be in the 90s here too and I feel real grief and rage.

    Always love your memes.


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