August 20, 2021

Friday Favorites #1

I'm bringing back FF for the school year. In order for me to keep up with blogging, routine will be my friend. This is a nice way to round out the week. 

1. Wells had his first day of preschool. 

2. We went shopping over the weekend and I got some great deals on dresses at LOFT. 

3. I got a haul from Bath and Body Works. I haven't bought anything there since, probably, 2017? Maybe 2018. It's hard to build your stash of candles and soap when you keep moving. 

But I always put this soap on my classroom sink at the beginning of the year. It makes the room smell so good, so I couldn't resist. 

4. Speaking of, I got to meet a bunch of my students last night. They all really do seem fantastic. My brain feels absolutely broken from the last two weeks of meetings and I know they want to frontload all of that info for new employees, but it really kills the passion for what I'm supposed to be doing here. However, I'm hoping that after the first few days of mandated procedures next week, I can just fall back into a routine.

I went pretty simple with my classroom this year, not focusing on ONE color or theme and just kind of picked out things I liked. 

Last year's teacher put the ears on the clock to make it look like Mickey. I haaaaaate Disney, but I don't mind this? Maybe I'll take it down today. 

5. Lastly, but really first, Scott made it back from his 5 weeks away. The nature of the military beast means we haven't actually seen him for more than 2 waking hours in the last 36 hours, but whatever right? 


  1. It’s just nice to finally see another adult who hates Disney.

  2. Your Loft haul looks great! Jealous of that fresh BB haul! I love all things apple in September - except on my body.
    You hit the nail on the head. The teacher stuff ibefore school starts is soul sucking and makes me question my entire existence. I’m happy to say that 8 days in with me doing my thing again with students, I feel like a real teacher again!

    1. That gives me hope! I'm excited to teach but I'm just tired of the adults at this point :)

    2. I felt the same way! Now I only have to see the adults for an hour a week at meetings! I love my kids! They are so fun!

  3. I'm sorry.. what? You hate Disney? LOL? I need more details here.
    good luck on your new year!

  4. Best of luck to Wells during Pre-K. I don't exactly haaate Disney but am not into it like a lot of other people. It's neither here nor there for me. Just curious, why don't you like it?

    1. I liked it as a kid, but then it got to be too big maybe. Right now, I feel like it's a conglomerate in league with the Communist Party of China. I know that sounds conspiracy theory-ish but just look at the statements the heads of Disney has made over the years supporting the CCP. It's the same with the NBA. They even filmed Mulan near the Uygur concentration camps and won't say anything bad about that because they *need* the Chinese support/money.

      Anyway. I also think Disney world/land is probably a racket. I've never been and if my kid wants to go some day, we might, but it also bugs me the way moms insist on taking their toddlers to Disney when they won't even remember it. I know a family with very small children who is on trip #3 in 5 years (and they do not live close by).


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