August 25, 2021

What's up, Wednesday?

Last Wednesday of the month, right?

Instead of prompts, here's a bunch of random things from my phone. 

It's been a WEEK. 

I've noticed not many are blogging this week (says my Bloglovin' anyway) and I think we're all just feeling heavy. 

In that vein, I have, like, nothing to offer here today at all except a bunch of screenshots. I wish I had clothes or food or anything interesting to share, but this is literally what I see when I open my photos app. LOL.

My timelines are taken over with this sort of posting because it's who I follow. I feel, at least, informed? This is a satire account but you'd never know it. 

Back to the vet for a follow-up.
Also, recommend a bag? Ugh. I hate all of mine. 

Wells has spent a few days at home this week with a runny nose and some congestion. No fever, but I figured I'd keep him home since my mom is still here to help out. His teacher said the whole class is in the same position: lots of runny noses. Germs, amiright
And, yes, that's common-sense-parenting. Keep them home if they're sick. (Although, I remember how we all used to function just fine with the occasional head cold.) Don't slap your small child into a mask and expect health and wellness. The roads go to the same place. 
Who DOESN'T get sick the first few weeks of the school year? 
(this is my sorest spot, if you haven't figured that out yet)

Oh look! The kind of weather that makes you hate everything. 

*giant shrug*, right?

And to all of my teacher friends out there:


  1. I understand all the bags! I have a lunch bag that is big and I have been using my Maya bag for my laptop. I really like it. It may not be your style but it’s a tote with perfect length handles and it’s held up really well, they are on Amazon and it’s made from recycled French something - can’t remember.
    I’m honestly confused on masking. My sister wore a mask last year and stayed so healthy from her usual school year asthma, allergies, colds. This year she went back maskless and got really sick. She is still not 100% but went back after being in bed all weekend and taking two days off.
    My coworker was exposed to a positive kid and he sat right by her teaching station. They both kept masks on and she was negative.
    So, it’s very confusing.
    I do believe there is mask theatre and it is a symbol for political beliefs but I also suspect there is more than 10% effectiveness along with other variables.
    Sadly I think we will be in them all year and it makes me very upset!

  2. We are having the exact same heat here. It's been since Saturday or Sunday, and it's not letting up till sometime next week. I'm on the verge of stabbing someone over it.

    It's been a week here, too. Mostly with the state of what's happening in our world. I have never felt such rage at the government before.


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